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Knee-Jerk Reactions: New York City vs. Seattle

Hudson River Blue’s real-time reactions to NYCFC’s 3-1 defeat to the Sounders

MLS: New York City FC at Seattle Sounders FC Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

“Knee-Jerk Reactions” is Hudson River Blue’s series of what we were thinking throughout the match. We’ll share our unfiltered thoughts on the game at hand — no editing, no revisions. Just raw, pure emotion.

Here is what I thought of New York City FC’s 3-1 loss to the Seattle Sounders:

First Half

1’: Interesting lineup today, but an intriguing one. Let’s hope our depth came to play!

2’: Good effort from Medina. He just needs to be more efficient with the ball in dangerous areas

11’: Ebe Ofori has improved so much as a player since the beginning of the year

18’: That was scary

21’: Speaking of improved, look at Berget!

22’: Close! Good kick, Maxi

27’: That was too close for comfort. Let’s not do that again

36’: Dammit

40’: C’mon, Medina! You have to score chances like that.

45’+2: Not a good half. We had opportunities, but fell over ourselves each time. Something needs to change in the second half. Definitely seems like a game where Jonathan Lewis can make a difference

Second Half

47’: We already look out of it

51’: Well, I saw that one coming. This isn’t fun.

56’: Another dangerous opportunity gifted to Seattle. Seriously, WTF!?

60’: Lewis in on. Let’s hope for a surge.

65’: Who is this play-by-play guy? How do you get Lewis and Sweat confused?

68’: There we go! Do we have more in us? 2-1

75’: We need some magic right now

79’: Big save from Johnson

82’: Lewis needs to at least put that on frame

85’: Time is running out. We have to make something happen. Now.

86’: Welp. That’s that.

90’+4: That sucked.

Thank you for indulging us for a bit! Post your thoughts in the comments below.