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David Villa calls retirement rumors “fake news”

The GuajeGod denied recent reports that NYCFC would be moving in a different direction

MLS: New York Red Bulls at New York City FC Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Recent reports out of Spain indicated that New York City FC would not be renewing David Villa’s contract following the 2018 season. Reports also claimed that due to this revelation, the 36-year-old Spanish legend would subsequently retire and accept a job within the organization. On the heels of such news, we immediately pondered life after Villa and what that would entail.

But the GuajeGod himself has recently called such rumors false and baseless. More specifically, “fake news.”

“It’s fake news,” the GuajeGod told “Every time I’m talking with the people of the club, people of the [City Football Group], the people in the team, they always show me that they want me here forever... I can’t be here forever, as a player.”

Villa vehemently denied that he’s had any talks whatsoever with team brass regarding his future with NYCFC. “We’re not talking a lot because I don’t want to talk a lot. I want to be focused on the team, I want to be focused on the club and the things that are really important,”

I’m not gonna lie, having David Villa forever is an amazing concept. However, that’s not possible. At least, not in his current form.

Villa is one of, if not my favorite players I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. But something to keep in mind is that he will be turning 37 in December. That is an age where most players are already well past their prime.

I have no doubt in my mind that Villa’s technicality will remain. However, we’ve learned in the past that Father Time is undefeated and waits for no one. We saw it with Frank Lampard, we saw it with Andrea Pirlo, and we’ve gotten a taste of it with Villa himself this season — despite producing the goods more often than not when on the pitch, injury has severely plagued him.

All worries notwithstanding, it’s good to see that Villa is concentrated on the task at hand and hasn’t fallen victim to the rumor mill.