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NYCFC to host focus group regarding soccer-specific stadium

The club will be gathering feedback from select fans regarding an NY-based stadium

MLS: D.C. United at New York City FC Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a minute, but the rumor mill regarding New York City FC’s frantic search for a suitable location to build their own soccer-specific stadium is once again in the news.

The last time we received any such news regarding NYCFC’s stadium search was back in July when the New York Times reported that the club had turned its sights to the GAL elevator factory, which is a stone’s throw away the Bronx Blues’ current home Yankee Stadium. The “multibillion-dollar development” would include also include a school, a park, a hotel, and 3,000 affordable apartments.

But now, something much more exciting is taking place.

On NYCFC’s subreddit, user u/Higgs1 posted a screenshot of an email he received from NYCFC fan services regarding a focus group hosted by the club that will revolve around fans’ input regarding a future soccer-specific stadium based in New York City. Select members will attend the meeting, which is scheduled to take place on September 11 near Madison Square Park.

The email reads as follows:

Thank you for your continued support of New York City FC. As a valued NYCFC fan, you are part of an exclusive group that is invited to participate in a focus group session to gather feedback on the fan experience on the fan experience at a potential new NYCFC soccer-specific stadium in New York City.

The focus group will be held in the evening on Tuesday, September 11 at a research facility located near Madison Square Park

This isn’t the first time the club has reached out to fans wanting their opinions on what a future soccer-specific stadium should provide. However, this focus is group is significant as it is the first time any such input and feedback is asked for in a face-to-face meeting. The only similar meeting in the past was last year when NYCFC President Jon Patricof sat down with founding members after NYCFC announced they would be playing a relocating a home game to Harftord, CT following a scheduling conflict with the New York Yankees. However, these sit-downs were mostly for damage control as the fallout from the announcement that the club would have to play a “home” game over 100 miles away from the South Bronx had been riddled with outrage and fans threatening not to renew their season tickets the following season.

Obviously, it’s best for everyone to severely temper their expectations, especially considering that we were all salivating over NYCFC reportedly being linked to an awesome development at the Harlem River Yards, only for Patricof to come out days later and clarify that it wasn’t an “active” site.

However, the fact that we have now graduated to actual meetings with team brass regarding what we want to see in a future SSS is a good first step. And considering the recent developments regarding the GAL elevator factory, there might be something to it this time around.