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Caps game is prime example of why the “wave” sucks

Make it stop!

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps at New York City FC Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a warm Saturday evening in the Bronx. The venue is Yankee Stadium, where New York City FC holds a 2-1 lead over the Vancouver Whitecaps after surrendering an early 1-0 deficit. NYCFC are playing well. Exceptionally well, even. Though that final scoring touch isn’t quite there, they’re mounting the pressure on their Canadian opponents. All signs point to City winning the contest and putting themselves one step closer towards surpassing Atlanta United in the MLS standings.

Then, it happens. Seemingly out of nowhere, the crowd has grown louder and before you know it — just after the 80th minute or so — it appears.

It’s the dreaded wave.

In a sign of either complete over-confidence or just an ignorance towards the game, fans prematurely bask in the aroma of victory and begin lifting their arms in horizontal succession.

Unacceptable, I say.

You would think a sports culture as rich in history and tradition as New York is would know better, but apparently not. Despite the game still being close on the scoreboard and having plenty of time left, some hotshot decided it would be a good idea to do some whack ass syncopated movement that is the football-equivalent of the WWE’s once-amusing, now-unbearable “What!?” chant.

Alex Callens dished his take on the heart-wrenching draw to NYCFC Nation after the game.

I mean, c’mon! The wave has to be one of those distractions the Ironman is talking about. Such facetious and flippant crowd activities have no place in our culture.

Make it stop! #BanTheWave now!

Editor’s note: Obviously, this is a humorous post. Apart from finding it a tad bit annoying and dumb, I have no problem with people who payed their hard-earned money to attend games doing what they want to have fun, so long as it is within the parameters set by MLS and the hosting stadium. Go Blues!