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Dome Torrent: Héber is “100%” for Toronto

The Brazilian striker will play in the Eastern Conference Semifinal tonight

MLS: New York Red Bulls at New York City FC Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

Need any more reason to be hyped for tonight’s Eastern Conference Semifinal between New York City FC and Toronto FC? Well, get ready for this!

After weeks of little to no news about his injury, Héber’s status for this key game has been in question. But according to Glenn Crooks — who attended training yesterday at Citi Field — manager Domé Torrent has gone on record to say that the star striker is “100%” healthy for the Eastern Semi’s and will play.

Additionally, Héber has been removed entirely for NYCFC’s latest injury report.

According to Crooks, Héber began the training session on the sideline by doing stretches and physical drills with the team’s athletic trainer before becoming a full participant in NYCFC’s training.

This news is astounding to hear, simply because NYCFC has shown to be a completely different team (in the best possible way) when the Brazilian is on the pitch. This should give the Blues a huge boost in a game where they desperately need one.