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The latest on NYCFC’s Bronx stadium proposal

City’s plan to build a stadium in the South Bronx has been received favorably by local residents

MLS: MLS Cup Playoffs-Semifinals-Toronto FC at New York City FC Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve had and said enough regarding New York City FC’s playoff loss to Toronto FC. It’s done, we lost — it’s over. I’m moving on.

Though things aren’t looking too great right now for the Boys in Blue on the field, recent reports about their search for a stadium in the five boroughs are, dare I say, encouraging.

A recent report from News 12 showed that a majority of Bronx residents are in favor of building a stadium on the corner of 153rd St. and River Ave, the site of a parking garage and the GAL Elevator Factory. This particular site has been discussed in the past — first reported back in 2013 before the club even signed their first player, the site resurfaced as a viable option for NYCFC earlier this year.

Local residents — according to 161st St. DIB Dr. Cary Goodman — are “enthusiastic” about the prospect of a soccer specific stadium, so long as they are getting something out the deal. Those wants, according to News 12, are part ownership for the neighborhood, a pro women’s soccer team, access to the grounds for local activities, and affordable housing.

Sitting less than a half mile down the road from NYCFC’s current grounds at Yankee Stadium, the corner of 153rd St. and River Ave has tons of promise.

For one, fans’ commute wouldn’t change all that much — those who take the D to 161st, for instance, wouldn’t have to change their path beyond a three minute walk down River Avenue once getting off at Yankee Stadium.

Another gem is that it could benefit the community. According to the New York Times, NYCFC’s Bronx proposal is for a 26,000 stadium that would also include a park and around 3,000 affordable housing units, in addition to shops, a hotel, and a school.

One of the biggest factors in procuring this site could also be well within City Football Group and Yankee Enterprises’ hands, as well. According to Reddit user u/COLINMOUTH, the parking garage is seldom used by the community and has racked up a ton of debt since its construction. Should CFG and the Yankees agree to not only privately fund the site, but also pick up the tab for the Bronx parking garage, this location should be a slam dunk especially if you have the support from most of the people in the community.

The debacle of NYCFC getting displaced to Queens by a Yankees playoff run has been a bitter pill to swallow for me personally. And any efforts in eliminating that for future playoff runs would be a huge relief.