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Player Ratings: New York City vs. LAFC

Grading each player’s individual performance against LA’s newest team this past weekend

MLS: Los Angeles FC at New York City FC Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Starting XI

Sean Johnson


The two goals that SeanJohn conceded were of no fault of his own. After all, it’s hard to stop shots when he defense is committing costly turnovers and giving the opposition penalties. Johnson came up big when he had to, so he gets a decent mark.

Anton Tinnerholm


It’s been three games, and we’re still waiting for the Swedish right back to truly become a part of the attack much like he was last season. Not a terrible game, just nothing particularly special about it.

Maxime Chanot


MLS: Los Angeles FC at New York City FC Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

You know what sucks about having to give Max this rating? Apart from his extremely costly turnover in the first half that led to LAFC’s first goal, his performance wasn’t all that bad.

However, playing a pivotal role in costing your team points — and almost throwing the game away entirely in stoppage time — has to be acknowledged. And because of that, I have no choice but to put bestow upon Chanot this low grade.

Alex Callens


In stark contrast to Chanot, Callens actually put in a really solid shift when you go back and look at it. The Peruvian saw plenty of touches, blocked a shot late in the second half, and even moved up the pitch with the ball at certain points.

Good shift, good grade. Simple as that.

Ronald Matarrita


Mata’s first start of 2019 saw him play two very distinct roles throughout: the usual left back in the first half, and at right wing in the second. And in both roles, the Costa Rican once again proved how dynamic and invaluable his skillset is to New York City FC. Don’t be surprised if he’s earning more starts from here on out

James Sands


MLS: Los Angeles FC at New York City FC Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

I mean, what can I say that I haven’t said already? Through the first three games of the season, the Sandman has been arguably the best player on the pitch. Sands put in another excellent shift on Sunday, practically relegating key players players like Mark-Anthony Kaye and Diego Rossi to non-factors.

The 18-year-old wonderkid continues to impress.

Alexander Ring


In a performance just like the one he had against Orlando City, the Ringmaster once again proved that he is a duel-threat midfielder by not only playing stingy defense, but netting his second goal of the season against LAFC. In just three games this season, NYCFC’s captain has already matched his goal total for 2018 and looks to be on a pace to establishing himself as one the league’s best No. 8’s fresh off of being arguably the best defensive midfielder in MLS.

Ebenezor Ofori


MLS: Los Angeles FC at New York City FC Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Despite scoring NYCFC’s first goal of 2019, Ofori was placed on the bench the following week. Obviously, the one-week break didn’t do much to inspire him.

The Ghanaian midfielder had short spurts of good play — including having a part to play in City’s first goal — but was largely invisible throughout his short shift.

Taty Castellanos


I have always been one of Taty’s more vocal critics. But the young attacker had himself a nifty game on Sunday and set up some tasty chances, including a brilliant cross into the box that was skied by Mitrita.

There were definitely times where it felt he wasn’t asserting himself probably. But Castellanos was pretty damn solid, especially when compared to his previous performance at the center forward position.

Alexandru Mitrita


Following two straight weeks of brilliant play, NYCFC’s newest DP finally got his much-deserved first goal of the season on Sunday. To make things even better, he did it in the Bronx!

Just watch as the Romanian wizard completely embarrasses three LAFC defenders and the goalkeeper!

And that wasn’t the extent of it either. Mitrita almost doubled his tally minutes after with a sublime free kick that clanked off the cross bar, in addition to constantly supplying the attack with stellar passing and great ball movement.

This dude is the real deal, people!

Maxi Moralez


Was it better than his first shift at center forward against Orlando? Yes. Was it leagues better? Not really.

Maxi played a pretty good game at the false nine and was able to facilitate a lot more than most forwards. But I still feel as if he’s being played out of position.

Let’s just say I’m glad we got Héber


Ben Sweat


MLS: Los Angeles FC at New York City FC Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

This was not an easy grade to give.

On one hand, Sweat’s hard work was instrumental in City’s second goal. On the other, he was responsible for taking out Latif Blessing in the box and allowing the Black-and-Gold to knot it up just minutes later.

I’ll spare Ben for now and let it slide with the lowest passing grade I can give. But c’mon, man. Be better!

Jonathan Lewis


J-Lew came on in the 78th minute. And to be honest, I forgot all about him after about two minutes.

When a player — especially an attacker — comes on as a sub, you have to make some kind of impact. Lewis failed to do that on Sunday. Hopefully, he finds his form with the USMNT this week. Because we know what he’s capable of and we all believe in him.

Jesus Medina


Same thing goes for Medina. He came on and just didn’t do anything. And this has been more or less the norm since Domé Torrent has taken over.

If the young Paraguayan doesn’t shape up come the summer time, his days in the Big Apple might be numbered, if they aren’t already.