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Justin Haak scores winner in NYCFC U-19’s win over Liverpool

“Cavani” put in that work!

Paris Saint-Germain v Chelsea FC Photo by Andy Marlin/Getty Images

New York City FC’s first team might be struggling for results these days, but their Academy certainly isn’t.

In the opening fixture of the 2019 Dallas Cup on Monday, NYCFC’s U-19 side defeated Liverpool 1-0 thanks to a brilliant bit of attacking from midfielder Justin Haak. NYCFC’s Twitter page posted a pretty tasty highlight of “Cavani’s” stunning piece of skill, combined with some of that beautiful boom-bap!

Despite only being 17 years of age, Haak has been growing quite rapidly as a footballer these past few years. After a string of promising preseason and non-competitive appearances, the young New York native signed his first professional contract as a Homegrown Player (HGP) with NYCFC this past January.

Also, if you’re absolutely skating around youngsters being groomed for positions in one of England’s most storied clubs, odds are you got game!

Congrats to NYCFC’s U-19 side and Justin as well. Keep up the good work!