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“Boys in Blue” wins poll for favorite NYCFC nickname

The people have spoken!

MLS: Montreal Impact at New York City FC Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, we ran a poll asking fans what their favorite New York City FC was. Though the names used to describe NYCFC and their image are seemingly endless, we kept it simple and offered the five most popular options:

1.) Pigeons

2.) City

3.) Blues

4.) Bronx Blues

A fifth options of “Other/None of the above” was also offered.

After collecting a total of 455 votes, the “Boys in Blue” moniker was chosen as the fan favorite, gaining 182 votes, 40% of all collected.

Early on, the “Pigeons” nickname was the heavy favorite and had a 30-vote lead going into the final 24 hours of the poll, which ended on April 17. Then, out of nowhere, people came in droves to vote for “Boys in Blue”, ensuring what would in the end be a comfortable 51-vote victory.

The final results are listed below. Thank to all of those who participated!

Winner: Boys in Blue — 40% (182 votes)

Runner-up: Pigeons — 29% (131 votes)

3rd: City — 14% (63 votes)

4th: Blues — 6% (28 votes)

5th: Other/None of the above — 6% (27 votes)

6th: Bronx Blues — 5% (24 votes)