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NYCFC fail to score against a 10-man Impact

City look hapless in 0-0 draw with Montreal

MLS: Montreal Impact at New York City FC Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It’s getting more and more frustrating by the day. You can almost see exactly where this is going. And if you can’t, let me clue you in: it’s nowhere good.

New York City FC engaged in another boring, mediocre, and listless performance against the Montreal Impact on Saturday which ended in a 0-0 draw. This is even after the Impact went down a man after Maximilian Urruti was sent off around the 70th minute.

Throughout the duration of this game, NYCFC has done what they’ve always done under manager Domé Torrent, namely control possession and squander chance after chance.

Héber — NYCFC’s newest attacking option — was left on the bench despite a full week of training, with the consistently underwhelming Taty Castellanos being given the start at striker instead. Jonathan Lewis — who has admittedly struggled this season — started over Ismael Tajouri-Shradi. Not to mention that Alexandru Mitrita was buried in the midfield, despite having options like Keaton Parks available to temporarily replace midfield facilitator Maxi Moralez.

The entire thing is a mess. And it is all Domé Torrent’s fault.

Tactically, NYCFC were clueless all afternoon. When Montreal — a team that conceded 7 goals last week, mind you — went down a man in the 70th, it was far too easy for them to park the bus and just see out the game. And this is because tactically speaking, Torrent is a lousy manager.

I called for his job last week after that embarrassment against Toronto FC. But nothing was done. Instead, the former Manchester City assistant has still been allowed to plow on, ruining any semblance of the once formidable NYCFC we came to love over the past two seasons. It’s unacceptable!

So my question is this: how many more? How many more awful results are the supporters gonna have to endure before something is done about this? How many more strongly worded articles are we gonna have to write? When is it time to say enough is enough?

How much longer will New York City — or City Football Group — keep Doménec Torrent employed?