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Yankee Stadium’s awful pitch is being destroyed on social media

Yeah, this is pretty bad

MLS: Montreal Impact at New York City FC Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

So, some things we’ve learned this week:

1.) New York City FC is awful to watch right now

2.) Domé Torrent is a terrible head coach

3.) The “Etihad Pitch” at Yankee Stadium is laughable at best

We already knew the first two going into this past weekend’s game against the Montreal Impact. The third, we already knew was far from ideal. But this weekend showed just how bad things can get if NYCFC is unable to get a stadium of their own in a timely fashion.

How bad was it? Well...

And those are just a smidgen of the backlash that has occurred.

Now, we NYCFC supporters are no strangers to criticism of Yankee Stadium and its “interesting” stadium dimensions. But I can’t remember a time where it looked this bad. And I refuse to defend it.

But hey, at there’s this: NYCFC’s home pitch is a perfect representation of City’s performance this season and their manager’s ability. In a way, it’s perfect!