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POLL RESULTS: NYCFC fans mostly optimistic about future stadium prospects

It’s not by much, though

Paris Saint-Germain v Chelsea FC Photo by Andy Marlin/Getty Images

Last week, we ran a poll asking New York City FC fans if they thought that having their own stadium within the next five years was a realistic possibility. This was done on the heels of multiple new developments regarding NYCFC’s quest for land within the confines of the five boroughs, a quest that may very well end in the Bronx, just blocks away from their current home of Yankee Stadium.

The poll was simple enough, as readers were given two options: yes or no (though they were framed in humorous ways). And the results are now in.

Out of 220 total votes, 120 readers said that they were optimistic that NYCFC would have a stadium to call their own before 2024, while 100 of you were less than convinced with that timeline.

This vote being that close is expected. Obviously, a newly found optimism has spread across the fanbase in regards to the sheer volumes of reports coming out of the Pigeons’ coup — definitely more than normal. However, you can’t blame the skeptics for holding their reservations. After all, we’ve had our hearts broken quite a bit in the past, haven’t we?

Though we’ve had our poll, the discussion is still wide open for conjecture. So feel free to let us know in the comments how you feel about the recent developments and whether or not you think we’ll be singing our songs and cheering our team in our own stadium in the near future!