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REPORT: NYCFC plan to build new stadium in the Bronx

And the announcement could come this year...

MLS: D.C. United at New York City FC Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The snowball just keeps on rolling.

The last significant update on New York City FC’s planned stadium within the five boroughs came back in March when New York Yankees president Randy Levine told Bloomberg that the club were planning on announcing a stadium site before 2019 was up. This came off the heels of NYCFC athletic director Claudio Reyna told SBI that the team was “close” to procuring a site.

Since then, the situation has reverted back to its previous tight-lipped approach with little in the way of updates.

Despite the club maintaining its radio silence, the New York Daily News have offered us a little something. And it’s a bit more specific.

On Wednesday, the Daily News’ Filip Bondy published an article regarding New York’s strange on-again, off-again relationship with soccer (it truly is a great read, and I’d encourage anyone viewing this to check it out).

Most of the article is shrouded in the usual criticisms aimed at the two teams in the New York market. NYCFC’s field dimensions being unusually small, the New York Red Bulls’ struggle with gameday attendance, yada yada yada... we’ve all heard it before.

Hidden in this article, however, is a slight update as it pertains to NYCFC’s stadium search.

“One insider told The News this week that parent club Manchester City and partner owners, the Yankees, still hope to make an announcement by the end of the season about a new stadium less than a mile south of Yankee Stadium. That would inject a fresh dose of needed energy. It’s not a done deal yet, however, and NYCFC has had its heart broken before on such matters.”

In essence, it is a regurgitation of exactly what Levine told the press almost two months ago. This time, however, a specific location is mentioned: somewhere less than a mile south of Yankee Stadium!

So I did some research. What is a site in the Bronx that the team has previously been linked to, and sits less than a mile away from their current home of Yankee Stadium?

That site would the GAL Manufacturing Factory.

The factory, which sits just 0.6 miles away from Yankee Stadium, has been a juicy target for NYCFC higher-ups as far back as 2013. And logistically, it makes the most sense. Due to being within walking distance down River Avenue, fans’ commute to games would only require the slightest of modifications and parking arrangements would likely remain the same — the factory itself is located right across the street of a parking garage that is commonly used by fans of both NYCFC and the New York Yankees.

So, let’s break it down: we have a planned time table and — unless some new location has popped up out of thin air — a specific location.

This is getting quite spicy.