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On This Date: NYCFC is formed in 2013, blown out by cross-state rivals in 2016

A bittersweet day for sure

MLS: New York Red Bulls at New York City FC Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The date is May 21, 2013. MLS host a press conference in conjunction with some high-up suits from both the MLB’s New York Yankees and Premier League giants Manchester City. It is in this moment that New York City FC is born.

Though this was — believe it or not — six years ago, it feels like only yesterday.

It was on this date that I decided to finally give Major League Soccer another chance. As a kid, I was always super fond of the MetroStars. After the Red Bull buyout, however, I had kinda fallen away from the club. I wish I could give you some big story as to why. But the real reason was it just didn’t feel the same anymore.

But NYCFC was a unique opportunity for me as a fan. It was the chance for me to get in on a club from the ground floor and help contribute to a culture that would hopefully resonate for generations to come. It was the chance for me to actually immerse myself within said culture, as opposed to following an ever-so-distant club across the Atlantic.

A little less than two years later, NYCFC began play and it was off to the races.

The date “May 21” isn’t all good memories, though. As a matter of fact, one of NYCFC’s worst ever moments came on this date in 2016.

After getting swept by the rival New York Red Bulls in their inaugural 2015 season, the Blues were anxious to exact some revenge on their cross-state rivals and begin making inroads towards pulling even in the all-time series.

Instead of this, however, NYCFC lost the first of three games against the Bulls that season — a home game no less — by an embarrassing scoreline of 7-0 which still stings to this day.

Talk about a bittersweet date in history.