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Hudson River Derby to be given trophy in 2020

NYCFC and their cross-state rivals will be competing for more than bragging rights next year

New York City FC v New York Red Bulls - 2018 MLS Photo by Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images

Ahead of this weekend’s Hudson River Derby between New York City FC and the New York Red Bulls — the first of 2019 — it is the supporters that have made the news. And we’re not talking about someone being a jackass or someone cosplaying as a character from Green Street. No, it’s something pretty awesome.

Earlier today, the creation of the Hudson River Derby Foundation — a non-profit founded by members of supporter groups for both NYCFC and NYRB — was announced to the world.

The foundation was founded by members of NYRB’s Empire Supporters Club and Viking Army, as well as NYCFC’s Third Rail and was created to ensure “that the soccer derby in the world’s greatest city belongs to, and is run for the benefit of, its independent supporters.” The foundation has also announced that they intend to introduce a trophy for the derby — similar to the Pacific Northwest’s Cascadia Cup — that the two teams will compete for over the course of each season. Fundraising for the foundation has already begun.

I find extremely awesome and inspiring to see opposing factions of two rival teams come together to give fans of both teams something that truly belongs to them and further the culture around the beautiful game in our great state.

I would like to offer my personal gratitude to everyone involved in the making of this great initiative. And I can’t wait to see you boys and girls do from here on in.