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Today in Stupid: Maxi Moralez cleared for All-Star game; will not compete against Real Salt Lake

NYCFC’s most important player will be absent from Saturday’s game due to MLS stupidity

MLS: New York City FC at Colorado Rapids Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Wanna hear something ass backwards? A key player for a playoff contending team being allowed to play in a meaningless game only to be sat a few days later by the team that actually needs him.

Dylan Butler has reported that New York City FC manager Domé Torrent has gone on the record to say that Maxi Moralez — easily the team’s most important player — has been cleared to participate in the MLS All-Star Game against Athletico Madrid this week, but will be sat for NYCFC’s game against Real Salt Lake on Saturday due to “match congestion.”

LOL! That’s right — a player who pulled up in a game over the weekend will be allowed to play in a glorified friendly instead of an actually important game.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve about had it with the All-Star game. First off, the concept absolutely sucks. I mean, how do you expect the product to grow if you’re trotting out its best players — most of whom are just your typical Euro retirees — from all over the league to face a single European giant? Do the higher-ups actually buy that this is good for the league’s image?

Also, it’s a useless game smack dab in the middle of the summer where most teams are beginning to find their form and make a playoff push. Should anyone get injured, you’ve effectively screwed a team out of a potential trophy-winning season.

Even if Maxi is able to avoid getting injured tonight in Orlando, it’s already been confirmed that he’s not playing on Saturday due to match congestion. It’s a bad piece of business for NYCFC who — despite having more depth than ever — lack a player who can make as much of a difference in the midfield as the diminutive Argentinian can.

I just... I can’t with this.

I refuse to watch this sham of a game. So if anyone in our awesome community can let me know if everything goes OK, that would be great.