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Domé Torrent is pissed that Maxi Moralez was forced to play in the MLS All-Star game

The NYCFC gaffer isn’t very happy with the league right now

MLS: MLS All-Star Game Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Turns out we weren’t the only ones who were aggravated when we learned that star player Maxi Moralez would be forced to play the MLS All-Star game earlier this week. Apparently, Domé Torrent is plenty mad as well.

According to Glenn Crooks, Torrent has gone on the record to criticize the league for forcing Moralez to play in the meaningless game against Atletico Madrid.

“I don’t understand why MLS decide to play with Maxi Moralez,” the Catalan manager told Crooks. “Everybody knows he was injured. He played 70% walking all the time. I’m not sure if he’s ready to play the next game. And look — he played in All-Stars.”

The punishment for skipping out on the All-Star game is a one-game suspension — a punishment that LA Galaxy star Zlatan Ibrahimovic took last season. Seeing as Maxi’s fitness has now been called into question, that might’ve been a bullet worth biting.

Hindsight is 20-20. But surely, the league had to have known it wasn’t the smartest idea to send a player — the star DP for a playoff contending club — who had pulled up just days earlier wasn’t the wisest idea. But, they did it anyway. And now, Moarlez’s road to recovery may see him miss at least one more game.

Yep. The league cares more about this dumb game than their clubs’ playoff races. Nice to know.