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NYCFC Throws the Ultimate Party Next Week

And you’re going.

credit: NYCFC

In the annals of New York City FC-produced events over the last few years, we’ve enjoyed everything from chalk talks to block parties to NYCFC pitch debuts. But next week’s throw-down at Manhattan’s Adidas Flagship Store might take the cake, if only for its likely rating on the proprietary Hudson River Blue entertainment meter. Yes, we have one of those.

On Tuesday, August 13 at 6:00pm, Adidas throws open its doors to host the entire NYCFC first team — that’s everybody — and Domé, whose recent tactical advancements and dulcet press conference homilies place him near the top of the Most Interesting Man in the World ranking, in a superb opportunity for fans to rub elbows with the team, go one-on-one with Tinnerboom in foosball, and generally have an absolute blast.

But that’s not the half of it.

Players will be hanging throughout the store, manning zones for custom t-shirt creation, live-action FIFA battles (against eChampions League god Chris Holly, no less) and the DJ booth. Food will be provided by the redoubtable Marcus Samuelsson.

Wait. Hold on.

Do you know who Marcus Samuelsson is? If you’ve lived in Gotham for any of the last 25 years, you likely do. He’s one of the very greatest chefs in this city, and that’s not just my plebeian opinion; it’s the judgment of the James Beard Foundation, the most revered high-end foodie institution in America. Oh, and Marcus Samuelsson has cooked for Presidents and visiting heads of state, runs a few of the best restaurants on the East Coast, and serves as NYCFC’s Chief Culinary Coach. He’s a rock star among rock stars. No — he’s better than that.

And next Tuesday, ‘round about dinner time, you can melt your taste buds with Mr. Samuelsson’s culinary magic while dragooning Sean Johnson in table football. Then you can slide over to Domé and ask him to expound on the nuances of the inverted fullback in transition — a topic for another time. And then you can exeunt to brilliant Fifth Avenue, because you are lucky and you live in New York.

If you spend $75.00 on NYCFC items in the Adidas Store (565 5th Ave. at 46th Street) between this Friday, August 9 and next Tuesday, you get a free pass to the merrymaking. In 2019, $75.00 pays for approximately one shoe. But it’s one hell of a shoe. And it fits you. And you look marvelous.

See you there.