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Hudson River Blue presents: The HRB FIFA Invitational!

MLS has been suspended, but we’re still alive to do some gaming. Register now!

Audi 2016 MLS Cup Playoff Eastern Conference Semifinal Leg 2 - Toronto FC v New York City FC Photo by Michael Stewart/Getty Images

Well, nobody is gonna be watching MLS football for the next month. Yesterday, the league announced that it would be temporarily suspending play for the next 30 days due to rising concerns regarding COVID-19 (commonly known as coronavirus). Such concerns has already seen the NBA, NHL, and the Champions League suspended. NCAA’s March Madness has been cancelled outright. The MLB has delayed its regular season two weeks. And my beloved XFL has all but cancelled their inaugural season.

And that’s not all. Several other professional sports leagues and bodies around the world have cancelled or temporarily suspended operations while we figure this whole thing out.

That leaves us in a sport-less world for at least the next 30 days. But not if I have anything to say about it!

In an effort to combat the boredom and isolation that will occur in the next several weeks as the paranoia festers, Hudson River Blue will be hosting its very own FIFA 20 tournament! We present to you the HRB FIFA Invitational!

Here are all the details you need to know. Mind you, these “rules” are not static and will change depending what you — our readers — want.

  • The Tournament will be held on Xbox. Sorry, PS4 people. You already get enough goodies. (I have a PS4 myself, but I only have FIFA on Xbox) But, if you’re able to convince a significant portion of people on PS4 to participate, I would be more than happy than sanction a second concurrent tournament.
  • As of this time, there isn’t a cap on how many players can participate. So long as we have an even amount of players, we will organize the tourney that way.
  • Games will be played in one of two modes: Ultimate Team or Kick-Off. This will be decided by a poll.
  • All games will be single elimination matches — there are no legs. Who the hell wants to play that much FIFA anyway?
  • The exact dates and times of this tournament are still TBD, though we are aiming for it to be anywhere between this weekend to next weekend.
  • All matches will be recapped on the site as if they were actual matches! That’s right — you will be given the same platform as our beloved New York City FC!
  • This tournament is not just for NYCFC fans. Fans of other MLS clubs — even New York Red Bulls fans — will be permitted entry. We’ve all been fed a shit sandwich this month. Let’s have some fun together
  • All key games will be played in Citi Fi.. whoops, sorry about that. Wrong article, guys.
  • I unfortunately do not have a bank account worthy of giving out a cash prize to the winner(s). So prizes are TBD and open to community input.

To register for this tournament, you can either DM us on Twitter with your Xbox information or email me said information at

For me, video games were always a great coping mechanism for me growing up. During times of crisis, I would constantly boot up my favorite titles and go ham for hours to escape from whatever was bothering me.

This is why I’ve decided to give creating this tournament a crack and seeing if it sticks. We here at Hudson River Blue are just as bummed out as you are about the recent sports stoppages and many states’ bans and/or discouragements on public gatherings. And over the next several weeks, our minds will be put to a very big test.

Despite all of our generation’s technological achievements, we feel more lonely now than ever before. And that’s without a public health crisis. And this here is our effort to combat that loneliness and make our beloved community — including our extended MLS family — all the more together and unified.

We humbly ask that you join us in the coming days. We think this could be a beautiful moment and we would for you all to share in it.