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David Villa denies sexual harassment allegations

The former NYCFC captain call accusations of misconduct “entirely false”

New York City FC Vs Philadelphia Union Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images

It’s been over a week since accusations of sexual harassment from a former New York City FC intern named Skyler B levied towards former player David Villa have hit the mainstream. Following a statement yesterday from NYCFC stating that the team had already launched an investigation into the matters, Villa has issued a statement of his own denying the allegations through Yahoo Sports.

“I strongly object to the accusations made about me on Twitter,” Villa said in his statement. “These accusations are entirely false and I deny them.”

The former NYCFC captain would go on to say that during his four years with the club, he never once was confronted about alleged inappropriate behavior before emphasizing his denial of the claims.

Villa asked for onlookers “respect [his] right to the presumption of innocence in this matter.”

We will provide further updates on this matter once they become available.