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REPORT: NYCFC to submit stadium plans in winter

A recent report from The Outfield states that City could submit stadium plans for public review as soon as this winter

New York City Aerials Photo by C. Taylor Crothers/Getty Images

Back in February, rumors surrounding New York City FC inching closer and closer to a stadium deal in the South Bronx were growing louder and louder. Though there were still plenty of obstacles in the way, it seemed the closest NYCFC had come to having something in the way of a road map out of Yankee Stadium in the near future.

Since then, however, the world has gone to hell in a handbasket. The coronavrius pandemic has run roughshod through the world and civil unrest has grown to a fever pitch. And in the midst of all of the madness, news of NYCFC’s stadium plans has gone cold. Probably for the best, too — after all, there are things way more important than sports stadiums.

But now, we might have something new to share. In a recent report by The Outfield’s Chris Campbell, NYCFC may be in a position to finally get out of the shadows and present physical plans for public review as soon as this winter. Should these rumored plans pan out, a shovel can be in the ground by early 2022.

This is not a done deal, though. According to Campbell, there are still two big hurdles that the club must clear with the city before they can begin construction: the relocation of the GAL Manufacturing Factory — which sits smackdab in the middle of the site — as well as the Major Deegan Expressway ramp that flows in the site.

The article had this to say about the MD ramp:

Unlike a 2013 plan that would have removed the northbound entrance ramp to Major Deegan, Maddd’s current proposal would eliminate a southbound offramp at Exit 6 and shorten a southbound onramp, removing the ramp option at East 153rd Street. Planners have examined traffic data from game days as well as normal patterns, and are finalizing agreements with the city’s Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) that would ensure NYCFC and the Yankees would not play at the same time.

Developers have proposed turning a large portion of the existing highway ramp into a pedestrian walkway from the soccer stadium to the Harlem River waterfront. “Activating the waterfront” was a key recommendation from last fall’s Urban Land Institute panel that studied the possibility of a stadium development along the River Avenue corridor. “Any stadium or rezoning should ensure there is safe and prominent pedestrian and bike access over or under the highway down to the waterfront,” a member said at the most recent meeting of the local community board. “We cannot and should not have to rely on the Metro North station to cross over to the waterfront or walk through a mall parking lot.”

If you have time, definitely give this article a read here!