NYCFC's 2022 MLS Season Starting Lineup Right Now

NYCFC Lineup if the Season Started Today

Center Forward

The most obvious choice for CF right now is Taty Castellanos. He just can't not score. But sadly, he will most likely be moving somewhere else. So, the first players that come to mind would be Heber and Talles Magno. They can both play, so they will have a good amount of rest. Then comes Thiago Andrade and Santiago Rodriguez. They could play there. So assuming Castellanos isn't on NYCFC, I am going to go with a well trained Heber as the starting CF and Talles Magno still playing as a sub there.

Attacking Midfielders

Think of this position and you think Medina, Moralez, Rodriguez. But, Maxi Moralez is not on a contract with NYCFC right now, and Jesus Medina's option was declined. Moralez is wanting to come back, and it is likely to happen, so I'll pretend he's still with NYCFC right now. Then you think of Tajouri-Shradi to replace Medina, nut they lost Tajouri-Shradi in the MLS expansion draft to Charlotte FC. So now you have Thiago or maybe Talles Magno at right wing who don't have much experience. In this situation, I favor Thiago, and Talles Magno could play right wing, or a little Center Forward. Santiago Rodriguez is the first choice on the left side. That leaves Rodriguez as left wing, Moralez in the middle, and Thiago as right wing. That's just assuming Moralez comes back.

Defensive Midfielders

In the middle of the field you have options. James Sands, Alfredo Morales, Keaton Parks. James Sands could make a move to Europe, and Keaton Parks is coming back from missing time with a blood clot. Right now I have James Sands and Alfredo Morales with Keaton Parks rotating in. Tony Rocha's option was declined, so forget him. If James Sands leaves, you have Alfredo Morales and Keaton Parks. You also have Gedion Zelalem every once in a while. Nicolas Acevedo too. My starting lineup is James Sand and Morales/Parks.


Ronny Deila has many options here. Amundsen, Thorarinson, Callens, Chanot, Tinnerholm, and Gray. Center Back is an obvious choice. Chanot and Callens. Left back is tricky, because Thorarinson, who in my opinion is better than Amundsen, had his option declined, so that just leaves Amundsen at left back. Right back you have Tinnerholm, who starts over Gray. Gray gets much more playing time though, coming in as a sub and starting a few games. So that leaves me to Amundsen at left back, Chanot and Callens at center back, and Tinnerholm starting at right back. That is what NYCFC's lineup should look like in my opinion.

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