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NYCFC supporters asked to choose between stadium and MLS Cup

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Win the MLS Cup or a home to call your own? You decide

It’s this or winning the MLS Cup.
Courtesy Rafael Viñoly Architects

In what might be the most agonizing and useless poll of the season, Hudson River Blue asks New York City FC supporters to choose between beating the Portland Timbers on Saturday and winning the 2021 MLS Cup, or losing the game but getting a stadium in a rebalancing of cosmic forces.


Would you rather that NYCFC...

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  • 46%
    Beat the Portland Timbers on Saturday and win the 2021 MLS Cup but always play at home on a baseball diamond
    (269 votes)
  • 53%
    Lose to the Portland Timbers on Saturday but get a stadium
    (313 votes)
582 votes total Vote Now

To answer your question, the stadium would be the facility that NYCFC fans see in their dreams: Intimate, loud, good sightlines, concessions with food you want to eat, well-served by public transportation. It would be located within the five boroughs and woven into the fabric of the city, a jewel box of an urban stadium. There would be a small trophy case for the cup the team earned for winning the 2021 Eastern Conference.

Also, the stadium would be fast-tracked by the standards of New York City construction, and ready in time for the 2029 season.

The MLS Cup would be the MLS Cup: You could use it to drink if you’re thirsty and both of your hands are free, but mostly it would sit on a shelf in the NYCFC offices once the New York Yankees reject a proposal to display it at Yankee Stadium.

Note that the MLS Cup would give NYCFC the right to stitch a star above the club badge on the team uniform, and give supporters a new way to taunt New Jersey Red Bulls fans at the next Hudson River Derby.

You should feel free to vote as you please: Hudson River Blue cleared this poll with the spirits that manage sport-related superstitions, and your participation will not jinx NYCFC’s performance in the 2021 MLS Cup.

As for the stadium, that was jinxed long ago.