Less than Zero

2020 was a tough year.

2021 has been a tough year so far.

Although I get that things aren't easy, I don't quite understand this club. NYCFC hasn't won any silverware. NYCFC hasn't built a stadium. NYCFC has moved away from signing older players with big name recognition. Our roster from last season has shrunk while we have hoarded money. We let our captain, who wasn't playing in his best position yet did score goals out of position, leave for nothing. We have seen our best forward get hurt but haven't made any moves to increase our depth up front to support him. We hang all our hopes on the oldest player on the team who is picking up more frequent knocks and is missing more and more games. We have 2 open DP spots but we apparently can't fill them. We have a coach who doesn't appear to have a real system or style of play that he believes in. We have a club that seems to lack all ambition...

Today I heard that there is a leak that this is our jersey for next season:


I just can't help to wonder why?

I buy the new jersey every season. It's a stupid waste of money but I support my team and I want to wear the new shirt. I can't believe that we didn't even get a new design this year? Why is the club looking back to the past already? Is this another sign of the clubs disinterest that it can't be bothered enough to even make a new design? Are they actively trying to piss fans off? I mean, what is there to get excited about this team right now?

I really hope that this is not the jersey. I really hope that there are announcements coming for players that have been signed. (Players who want to be here and will make the team better) I really hope that we will see from Delia a real style of play that this team embraces. I really hope that there is an announcement about a stadium so we can finally feel like this club will have a home.

Is that too much to ask for?

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