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NYCFC cannot afford to give up Taty Castellanos (yet)

Despite a tempting offer, the Boys in Blues aren’t ready to offload their Argentinian star

MLS: New York City FC at Orlando City SC Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Since January, reports of New York City FC striker Taty Castellanos making a move to Brazilian club Palmeiras have been continuous. If certain accounts are to be believed, Palmeiras has twice sent NYCFC an offer for Taty’s services. The first was reportedly a loan offer with an option to buy. After that was denied, Palmeiras allegedly made an offer to buy the Argentinian striker outright for a reported fee of about $2.5 million and 60% of any future transfer fee, which New York City also shot down.

With under a week remaining until NYCFC is to start the 2021 MLS season on April 17, it has again been reported that Palmeiras has made another offer for Castellanos.

If past reports are to be 100% accurate, then it’s only obvious that Palmeiras has come back with a more lucrative offer than the one they offered last month.

For NYCFC, though, financials may only be a small part of the equation. The Bronx Blues also must consider the fact that as of right now, Castellanos is the only pure striker they have on the roster that’s healthy. As everyone knows, primary striker Héber is out until June while still recovering from his ACL injury last season, leaving Taty as City’s only option until that point.

Even with all that said, should NYCFC go through with this move, it would leave them with no strikers on the roster until at least next month, and no cover for Héber once he comes back.

As tempting as the deal may be, it may be in New York City’s best interests to hold tight to their valuable Argentinian youngster until they are in better position to move their assets without risking the quality/depth of the team.