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Taty Castellanos reportedly refusing to play for NYCFC in effort to force Palmeiras transfer

City’s only striker could be forcing the team’s hand

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Well, this isn’t an article I wanted to be writing.

I get it, transfers happen all the time. And in a sport such as football where the landscape for even the best clubs is changing at a rapid pace, it serves little to get attached to anyone — they’ll be leaving at one point or another.

But in the case of Taty Castellanos, it’s a bit of a sticky subject. The Argentinian striker hasn’t just improved leaps and bounds since arriving to New York City FC in 2018. At the moment, he is City’s only healthy striker on the roster until Héber returns in either late May or in June. This is why I’ve already posted articles saying why NYCFC aren’t yet prepared to deal out the youngster.

But it looks like Taty could be forcing the club’s hand.

A recent report from Globo has stated that Castellanos has had meetings with NYCFC higher ups and has expressed a desire to no longer suit up for the Bronx Blues in order to force a transfer to Palmeiras, a move that has been seemingly been in development for months now.

Take this with a grain of salt, though. NYCFC Spanish radio announcer/pundit Roberto Abramowitz has said that despite the reports, his sources have not indicated that any such meeting took place.

This development will have fans watching closely on Saturday when City take on the Philadelphia Union to see if there’s any truth to this. If Taty is left off the lineup, then it’s time to start preparing for him to be gone relatively soon.

Should Castellanos be transferred to Palmeiras as rumors have stated is his desire, then NYCFC would be without a pure striker until Héber’s recovery is complete. There is the chance that newest signing Thiago Andrade could fill that role. But if scouting reports are to be believed, then it might not be his primary position.

We’ll be sure to post an update once we have one.