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New York Yankees President Randy Levine says NYCFC Stadium decision can be made in “30-60 days”

The Yankees president said on Forbes SportsMoney that the next two months are key to NYCFC’s stadium hopes

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Here we go again.

24 hours removed from a tough 3-2 loss against the New England Revolution at Red Bull Arena of all places, New York City FC fans were teased with possible development on getting a stadium of their own.

Courtesy of Ian Joy on Twitter, New York Yankees President Randy Levine told YES Network’s Forbes SportsMoney that NYCFC’s chances of getting their own stadium will depend on what happens in the next few months.

“We’ll know in the next 30-60 days [NYCFC will get a stadium] or not”.

This isn’t the first time Levine has commented on City’s troubles with getting a stadium. Back in March of 2019, Levine told Bloomberg that the organization was expecting to formerly announce a stadium sometime that year.

Of course, that never happened. But towards the end of the year, it seemed like NYCFC had settled on a desired location for their stadium — the GAL Manufacturing Factory right down the block from Yankee Stadium.

The stadium news as it pertains to the South Bronx has heated up since then. And seeing as Levine has now made it known that the situation is more urgent than ever before, fans can only hope that there’s actually something to it this time.