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Exclusive interview confirms Anton Tinnerholm will leave NYCFC

The right-back talks openly about his departure with Sweden’s Expressen

We had some good times together.
Photograph by Katie Cahalin, courtesy

Anton Tinnerholm confirmed in an exclusive interview with Swedish newspaper Expressen that he will leave New York City FC. The 31-year-old right-back joined NYCFC in 2018, and quickly became one of the best right-backs in MLS. As the kids say, Anton Tinnherholm is good at soccer.

“I will leave now after the season. It has been five fantastic years where you experienced most of what can be experienced in the United States. But it’s time for something else now,” Tinnerholm reportedly told journalist Johan Dolck Wall.

Tinnerholm went on to explain that he wants to return to Sweden and be closer to his family now that he has small children. “New York is the best city in the world, although with two kids it might not really be,” Tinnerholm told Wall. “It is difficult to have such a far home from the rest of the family.”

Leave crowded, expensive New York City for the leafy parks and light-filled nursery schools of Scandinavia? Fair enough.

Wall links Tinnerholm to Malmö FF, where the right-back played before joining NYCFC. When asked if he will return to Malmö, Tinnerholm makes no comment.

Tinnerholm has made 119 appearances for New York City, making 111 starts, scoring 9 goals, and logging 23 assists. He spent most of 2022 recovering from a ruptured Achilles tendon, appearing in only 10 games this season.

Still, Tinnerholm has been one of the most important and beloved players to take the field for NYCFC. His work rate, ball skills, and footballing intelligence make him more of a wing-back than simply a defender, and his play has become a vital part of NYCFC’s attack.

So far, NYCFC have yet to make an official statement. The Expressen interview was published earlier today, and it has been widely re-reported in Sweden.

Thank you to Johan Dykhoff for the tip.