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NYCFC announce Dude Wipes as 2022 sleeve partner

Now you can wear your personal hygiene on your sleeve

Don’t wipe with your sleeve, wipe with the wipe on your sleeve.
Courtesy NYCFC

Earlier today New York City FC announced that Dude Wipes will be the official sleeve partner for the 2022 MLS season.

Not only will the new official NYCFC replica kit feature a star above the badge and a silver MLS CUP scudetto, it will proudly say DUDE WIPES on the arm.

Described as a “disruptor within the men’s hygiene industry,” Dude Wipes aims to replace your toilet paper habit. One of the biggest success stories to come out of “Shark Tank,” the Dude Wipes pitch so impressed judge Mark Cuban that he personally invested $300,000 in exchange for a 25% share of the company.

Dude Wipes claim their products are flushable and biodegradable—according to the company, the wipes are made from “99% water and plant-based fibers” and won’t contribute to the fatbergs forming in the sewers of our cities. You can read all about the environmental claims Dude Wipes make here.

The wipes are available fragrance-free or in a refreshing “mint chill.” Famously, Dude Wipes once released a seasonal pumpkin spice blend. Could a limited-edition Chicken Bucket wipe be in the future for NYCF supporters?

It sounds about right for a company represented by Duderino, the official spokesdude for Dude Wipes—you can watch him dude it up with NYCFC players in a video posted on Twitter.

Dude Wipes replaces Sol Caco, a small-batch chocolate maker in the Bronx that was awarded the sleeve partnership by NYCFC and Mastercard.

Remember, don’t wipe with your sleeve, wipe with the wipes on your sleeve. Say that five times fast.