NYCFC's 2022 Starting Lineup Right Now (PART 2)/Season Preview (FULL VERSION)

NYCFC's 2022 MLS Season Starting Lineup Right Now


At 6:00 ET on January 31, NYCFC fans had a reason to celebrate. The European transfer window closed, which means Valentin "Taty" Castellanos is not going to Europe. Yes, I repeat, Taty Castellanos is not going to Europe. Now, Argentina and Brazil's transfer windows are still open, so Castellanos could go there. Assuming Castellanos stays with New York, he will be their striker. Heber, who recently scored 2 goals in a preseason match against the Red Bulls, could play with him. Ronny Deila could also choose whether to use Heber as a sub or play with two forwards. With Heber back, NYCFC will have some real depth at this position.

Attacking Midfielders

The most important player at this position is Maxi Moralez, at center attacking midfielder. Then you have Santiago Rodriguez at left wing or left mid, whatever you want to call it. On the right side, that's more tricky. You think of Jesus Medina and Ismael Tajouri-Shradi, the two players who played there during their MLS Cup run, but Medina's option was declined, and Izzy was lost in the expansion draft. That means Talles Magno and Thiago Andrade are going to get a lot more playing time. I would also expect them to make a big signing in that position at the next transfer window.

Defensive Midfielders

At this position, you have plenty of options. A few of them might not be starters, but can step up in a big time. James Sands is your first option, but he's on loan, so forget him. That leaves you with Alfredo Morales and Keaton Parks as regular starters. You can also rotate in Nicholas Acevado and Gedion Zelalem. Overall, I think they have a lot of depth at this position.


Ronny Deila is filled with talent at this position. I wouldn't say that they have depth, but they do have talent. Alexander Callens and Maxime Chanot may be the best center-back pairing in the entire league. Amundsen, at left back, can get into the attach and play great balls into the box. Gray starts the season at right back, until Tinnerholm is back from his injury. Most importantly, of all the position, New York needs to sign some sort of defender, most likely left back or center back.

NYCFC 2022 Season Preview (FULL VERSION)

Major League Soccer

This year in the MLS, there is a lot less pressure on NYCFC. Since they won the MLS cup, the pressure was removed. They need to make the playoffs, though. That is a must. Then they can try to defend their title. Otherwise, not much pressure this season in the MLS.

Campeones Cup

Still celebrating after NYCFC's MLS Cup win, there are rewards for winning that trophy(other than the trophy). And that is playing in the Campeones Cup. The game is planned to be played at Yankee Stadium, and it is a chance for the boys in blue to bring home a trophy at home for the first time ever.

Concacaf Champions League

The Concacaf Champions League is an opportunity for NYCFC to show that they are not just the best in the MLS, but best in North America. They may be the first MLS team to ever win this tournament, and are on the easiest side of the bracket. I'm really looking forward to this tournament.

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