Day Review: 2/24/22

Day Review: 2/24/22

What happened for NYCFC on February 24.

  • NYCFC was ranked in tier 1 of MLS teams along with Seattle, New England, and Philadelphia by Matt Doyle
  • NYCFC ll Stadium and schedule released
  • NYCFC announce they will wear their Volt Kit
  • Concacaf Champions League quarterfinals announced

NYCFC Ranked in Tier 1 of MLS Teams Along with Seattle, New England, and Philadelphia by Matt Doyle

Matt Doyle ranked NYCFC in the first tier of MLS teams. Along with them came Seattle, New England, and Philadelphia. The reason that they were in this tier is mainly that they won the MLS Cup. In addition to that, they kept pretty much all their players, including Taty Castellanos. This and many other reasons are why they are ranked in tier 1.

Sadly, I am going to put my concerns about them. First of all, when Taty leaves in the summer, Heber will have to step up. If Heber can play as he did in 2019, we'll be fine. But if he doesn't...well we won't be as fine. Then you have Maxi, and at his age, Ronny Deila needs to manage his minutes better than he did last season. The problem is we don't really have anyone to replace him. Gray also needs to do better in the attack. But even if all these concerns come to the worst, we still are a playoff team.

NYCFC ll Stadium and Schedule Released

NYCFC ll, who will play in the first season of MLS Next Pro, will play their home games at St. John's Belson Stadium. David Lee and Brad Sims seem to like the decision.

NYCFC Sporting Director, David Lee, said: "St. John's University has been a phenomenal partner for the Club for a number of years, serving as the home of our Academy since 2016 and hosting our First Team on various occasions. St. John's and Belson will be an equally great home for our MLS NEXT Pro team as more of our young players develop their abilities with NYCFC II. NYCFC has proven that we can develop local talent that can play at the top level of global soccer. This direct pipeline to the First Team will play a key factor in the Club's continued success in developing talent and we cannot wait for the start of the inaugural MLS NEXT Pro season in March."

Brad Sims, NYCFC CEO, added: "We're thrilled to extend our current successful partnership with St. John's University to include not just our Academy players, but also the newly formed NYCFC II. I'd like to thank everyone at St. John's and its Athletic Department for helping make this partnership possible. We look forward to continuing to build this newly formed team over the coming years. We know this will be a very competitive league, a high level of soccer and we hope fans will come along to support the team and see for themselves the next generation of NYCFC talent. It will be a real benefit to our team if we can create a match-day atmosphere in the stadium as we have enjoyed for previous games at Belson Stadium - starting with March 26 which is an exciting and historic day for the Club."

The players and coaches at St. Johns also seem to be happy with the decision.

"It has been an absolute pleasure to partner with New York City FC and their tremendous players, coaches, and staff over the years," said St. John's Director of Athletics Mike Cragg. "This is a very exciting opportunity to advance our partnership with a championship-level franchise and support the launch of NYCFC II. In turn, St. John's students will be afforded unique opportunities to gain experience with a professional sports organization in New York City coupled with new marketing resources available to our University."

NYCFC ll Schedule

Sunday, March 27 - NYCFC II vs. New England - 5:00 PM ET

Sunday, April 3 - NYCFC II at Orlando - 6:00 PM ET

Sunday, April 10 - NYCFC II at Toronto - 1:00 PM ET

Saturday, April 16 - NYCFC II vs. Miami - 1:00 PM ET

Saturday, April 23 - NYCFC II at Rochester - 7:00 PM ET

Saturday, April 30 - NYCFC II at Philadelphia - 4:00 PM ET

Sunday, May 8 - NYCFC II vs. Toronto - 4:00 PM ET

Sunday, May 15 - NYCFC II vs. Columbus - 4:00 PM ET

Saturday, May 21 - NYCFC II vs. Chicago - 6:00 PM ET

Sunday, May 29 - NYCFC II at Miami - 7:00 PM ET

Saturday, June 4 - NYCFC II at Orlando - 7:00 PM ET

Saturday, June 18 - NYCFC II vs. Toronto - 1:00 PM ET

Monday, June 27 - NYCFC II at Philadelphia - 7:00 PM ET

Saturday, July 2 - NYCFC II vs. Cincinnati - 7:00 PM ET

Sunday, July 10 - NYCFC II at New England - 6:00 PM ET

Saturday, July 16 - NYCFC II vs. Rochester - 7:00 PM ET

Sunday, July 24 - NYCFC II vs. Miami - 6:00 PM ET

Sunday, August 7 - NYCFC II at Columbus - 5:00 PM ET

Friday, August 12 - NYCFC II vs. Orlando - 8:00 PM ET

Saturday, August 20 - NYCFC II at Chicago - 8:00 PM ET

Wednesday, August 24 - NYCFC II vs. Philadelphia - 6:00 PM ET

Sunday, September 4 - NYCFC II at Cincinnati - 4:00 PM ET

Saturday, September 10 - NYCFC II vs. New England - 8:00 PM ET

Sunday, September 18 - NYCFC II at Rochester - 3:00 PM ET

NYCFC Announce they will wear the Volt Kit for the First Time this Weekend

We've all been wondering about when we would see the Volt Kit for the first time. Well, now we have the answer. They will wear the Volt Kit for the first time on MLS opening day against the LA Galaxy. The orange and blue shirts with orange shorts will debut this Sunday.

Concacaf Champions League Round of 16 Concludes

The first round of the Concacaf Champions League just finished. Seattle pulled off a 5-0 win to move on. Seattle feels that they can move on in this tournament.

"I think having a deeper roster is number one, and I think we have that this year. Being able to balance both MLS and Champions League at the same time, it's a lot of games, a lot of travel.
"So we're going to rely on guys coming in and out of the lineup. And I think that's the most important thing. I think our front office did a really good job of bringing back so many good players, making our roster really deep to be able to compete in tournaments like this during the regular season. We're built for the longevity of the season, but now we have to put it together on the field," said Christian Roldan.

They will play Leon, and want revenge from last year's Leagues Cup. "Leon is a very, very good team. I thought in that final in Las Vegas against them, I thought we played well," Schmetzer said. "We were within inches of scoring the second goal and maybe that changes the outcome of the game. They have very talented players. I actually really enjoyed scouting that team; I think their coach is a very good coach."

"But, again, tonight after the game as we were discussing our performance, I actually mentioned that there might be a little bit of revenge," he added. "We can use this as, 'Hey, look, last year we did not complete the objective, which was to win Leagues Cup and beat Leon, so now can we use a little bit of that as motivation?' Maybe. Sometimes that's maybe just coaches talking. I think the group in there fully understands the importance of Champions League and they certainly respect and understand Leon's quality. So, we will prepare for them like we always do and our club always, always wants to win every game, every competition we enter."

In addition to Seattle's win, Cruz Azul knocked out Forge FC. Forge still thinks they played well although they didn't win. Head Coach Smyrniotis said, "I think for that brief moment you realize that as a group, as a club, we've done something special. After three years of competing and doing things right, I think we've been rewarded greatly by being in this competition. After that, it's always the thought of how you keep on going in this competition. We know that we were up against it with this club that we played today in Cruz Azul. Of course, we enjoy this part of it, and I think that having that little taste from the players keeps on giving us the drive to go forward as we prepare for our season.

"We're at a point now where we've gone for five weeks to play two matches, and we have six weeks until the season starts for us, so it's a unique time. Overall, it's fantastic. If you go back a few years to opening day and they told us that there's a Concacaf League, and you can qualify through there for Champions League... once you tell me that, I'm always going to think big."

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