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U15 and U17 teams lose to Red Bulls in Hudson Derby Jr.

NYCFC Academy teams fall behind, can’t recover


New York City FC Academy and New Jersey Red Bulls Academy teams faced off yesterday at the Red Bulls Training Facility in the Hudson River Derby Jr. First the U15 sides from the two clubs met, then the U17 squads took the field.

U15: NYCFC 0 - 1 Red Bulls

The New York City FC U15 team was looking for a chance to gain experience in a junior version of the Hudson River Derby played yesterday. It was a close game, but the quality was missing from the NYCFC side. In the 12th minute, the New Jersey Red Bulls U15 team scored to put them ahead 1-0.

Not much happened after that until the 56th minute, when the Red Bulls scored to double their lead. The NYCFC squad had one more chance, but it was saved by the Red Bulls keeper Aidan Strokes. The game finished 2-0 to the Red Bulls.

U17: NYCFC 2 - 3 Red Bulls

The NYCFC U17 team was looking to notch a win against the Red Bulls team in an exciting matchup. In the 13th minute, a Red Bulls shot went off the post. Red Bulls player Ezra Widman followed up by scoring a brace that put his team up by two goals.

NYCFC kept fighting, and grabbed a goal in the 41st minute. It looked like NYCFC could score another goal, but Nico Rabiu of the Red Bulls fun the back of the to make it 3-1. NYCFC scored from the penalty spot in the 82nd minute to make it 3-2, but couldn't find an equalizing goal before the clock ran out.