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Reader Poll: Which stadium scenario is best for NYCFC?

The choice is yours: Should New York City FC build a new soccer-specific stadium in Queens or the Bronx, or renovate Ichan Stadium on Randall’s Island?

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There have been a TON of rumors recently about New York City FC’s future stadium plans. For the past few weeks, most of these rumors have been Twitter rumblings about different plans from different sources with very few concrete details. But yesterday, seemingly out of nowhere, the New York Post dropped a bombshell with the title “Mayor Eric Adams to approve NYCFC stadium for Queens: sources.

In that article, the Post claims Mayor Adams has “approved” the construction of a 25,000-seat stadium in Queens for use by NYCFC. The article was as exciting as it was confusing, however it only cites unnamed sources, and contradicts many of the recent Twitter rumors. You can get into the messy details here.

The fact is we still aren’t seeing the whole picture quite yet, and other rumors cite different locations such as Harlem River Yards and Randall’s Island. That doesn’t stop us NYCFC fans from dreaming about a stadium of our own. It’s time to turn the #StadiumSaga into a Reader Poll: Out of the rumored plans currently in play, which do you want to see built?

Below we’ll lay out three scenarios based on the three most likely stadium plans: Queens, the Bronx, and Randall’s Island. Along with each location, we provide an estimated timeline for stadium completion, as some projects would take longer than others.

Go ahead and give these options a read, then cast your vote in the poll below.

Scenario 1: A new stadium in Queens in four years

As mentioned above, the New York Post thinks that NYCFC have found an answer to their stadium prayers with Mayor Adam’s approval of the Queens proposal. They’re not the only ones who are betting on this plan. Sam Stejskal of The Athletic claimed on Twitter that Willet’s Point in Queens was the frontrunner for the club’s future home. He even went so far as to say that the Bronx site was “off the table.”

The optics on Queens look pretty good from an outside perspective, with the relationship between NYCFC and the borough appearing to blossom this year. A handful of games played at Citi Field have produced phenomenal atmospheres, and the striking Volt Kits decked out in Mets colors don’t hurt that image of a budding friendship either. If the attendance and energy displayed at Citi Field this year can be captured in our own stadium, we could have a really attractive option on our hands here.

According to the Post’s article, this stadium project could be completed in time for the 2026 world cup, which would really be quite an impressive feat of New York construction. We’ll go ahead and set the timeline at four years for the project’s completion.

Scenario 2: A temporary stadium on Randall’s Island next season

In an exciting tweet surrounding the stadium saga, Jonathan Sanchez, host of the NYCFC Forever Podcast, claimed that NYCFC were looking into building a “temporary” stadium on Randall’s Island to serve as the team’s home for games in which Yankee Stadium was unavailable. The project would revolve around a renovation of Ichan Stadium, a 5,000 -seat track-and-field venue, to add additional capacity for soccer games.

There’s a lot to unpack with this rumor, but the fact that it would only be a temporary stadium – and the fact that we’d only play there when Yankee Stadium is “unavailable” – is a bit disappointing. So while any stadium news is generally good news for New York City fans, this isn’t exactly the “forever home” we have been dreaming about since 2015.

But there are still a ton of positives to this. While it would still leave us without a permanent venue, it would eliminate some of the ridiculous “home” matches we’ve played in Los Angeles, Connecticut, Red Bull Arena, and Belson Stadium in Queens. We would always be at either Yankee Stadium or Randall’s Island, which is honestly a big relief.

Perhaps more importantly, this could be done waaaay sooner than other stadium projects given that it is already a sporting venue. For the sake of argument, let’s say this stadium could be done by next season.

Scenario 3: New stadium in the Bronx in four years

A Harlem River Yards became the focus of the NYCFC Twitter-sphere a few weeks back following an article posted by The Outfield suggesting that City Football Group were looking to revive a five-year-old plan to construct a 26,000-seat stadium in the South Bronx.

While this plan has not yet been confirmed, it also has not yet been denied. So as far as NYCFC stadium business goes, us fans are still hanging on every word. The site is in an attractive location just over the Harlem River from Manhattan, and would keep the Pigeons in their longstanding home of the Bronx.

But this project would be a massive undertaking. In terms of the timeline, we’d be lucky to have this done anywhere near the 2026 World Cup, so let’s call it a four-year endeavor at minimum.


Which stadium scenario is best for NYCFC and their fans?

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  • 42%
    1. New stadium in Queens in four years
    (248 votes)
  • 4%
    2. Temporary stadium on Randall’s Island next season
    (24 votes)
  • 53%
    3. New stadium in the Bronx in four years
    (307 votes)
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