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NYCFC vs Inter Miami Player Ratings

Player Ratings are now a thing at Hudson River Blue: Here’s what you thought of the performances in the 1-0 win over Inter Miami

A good day at the office.
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New York City FC player ratings are determined by Hudson River Blue readers — be sure to check HRB immediately following the final whistle of each game to fill out the player rating form for that match.

Here are the ratings from NYCFC’s 1-0 win over Inter Miami at Yankee Soccer Stadium at the home opener on Saturday, March 11, 2023:

Starting XI

Talles Magno (off at 82’) – 6.1

Some flashes of Jogo Bonito, but ultimately it was a frustrating day for Talles Magno, who struggled to get involved. For now, it seems head coach Nick Cushing is committed to playing him as the No 9, but he’s struggling to make the impact he was making from left wing last season. His Fotmob rating on the day was a 7.2.

Santiago Rodríguez – 7.0

The Uruguayan looked dangerous all night, but he may be kicking himself for not managing to find the back of the net after getting through on goal twice, only to be denied as many times by Miami keeper Drake Callender. But, it was an overall encouraging performance for the newly minted No 10 as he continues to get re-acclimated to the squad. FotMob had him at a 7.3.

Gabriel Pereria (off at 77’) – 5.5

After scoring the team’s first goal of the campaign last week, the young Brazilian struggled to get involved in the same way on Saturday. He did manage to register three shots, but overall didn’t look as threatening as he can often be. FotMob was slightly more forgiving, giving him a 6.9.

Matías Pellegrini – 5.9

MP17 had a lot on the line on Saturday, starting the home opener on his birthday and against his former club. And, he was a hairline offside decision and a missed Santi chance away from walking away the hero with a goal and an assist. But, with nothing on the scoresheet, and with his true qualities yet to fully feature since his acquisition last season, a hint frustration may be beginning to grow among fans. FotMob was more impressed, and opted for a 7.5.

Keaton Parks – 7.3

It was a much-improved performance from Keaton, as he showed a bit more of the comfort and confidence fans have come accustomed to seeing in years past. Despite missing a big chance in the second half, Parks impressed the home fans on Saturday en route to winning HRB’s Player of the Match. FotMob gave Parks an 8.1.

James Sands – 7.6

It was a warm welcome for the club’s first homegrown player’s return to the Bronx, and he put in a performance to match the expectation. He was tied for the most touches on the night with 68, he was constantly winning the ball back for his side, and he looked as calm as ever in possession. He was given an 8.1 by FotMob.

Maxime Chanot – 6.7

Back lines work as a unit, and Chanot helped lead a unit that was good enough to earn a clean sheet against a potent Miami attack. It may not have been Chanot’s most imposing performance in his illustrious NYCFC career, but it got it done. FotMob gave him a solid 7.5.

Thiago Martins – 7.2

NYCFC have put a lot of faith in Thiago Martins in the last year, so performances like these from the Brazilian center-back feel really important. Martins played with confidence, and showed off his athleticism on a number of occasions, while proving sound with his feet on the night. FotMob was also impressed, awarding him with an 8.1 and their POTM honors.

Mitja Ilenič (off at 67’) – 6.6

The kid is fearless, and may just be becoming a fan favorite in New York. The 18-year-old showed his dribbling skills and willingness to drive forward during the match, and showed a few of his passions and personality after the match while giving some love to the camera. FotMob gave him a score of 7.4 for his contributions before being substituted in the 67th minute.

Braian Cufré – 6.4

We were one ridiculous Callender save away from throwing Braian some high numbers here, weren’t we? Maybe we’re all still trying to figure out exactly what the Argentine will bring to the squad, but it was an overall solid performance and he was unlucky to not be on the scoresheet. FotMob dished him a 7.7 for his efforts.

Luis Barraza – 7.3

It’s our new No 1’s first clean sheet of the ’23 campaign, and it’ll be one he’s really happy with. Did he have to stand on his head and make save after save? No. But, he was comfortable with his feet, dealt with crosses and through balls confidently, and made the saves when called upon. That’s what good goalkeepers do. FotMob gave him a 7.2.


Tayvon Gray (67’) – 5.8

The homegrown defender got some good minutes as he works his way back to full fitness after his injury. It will be interesting to see how he settles back into the starting XI after the debut performances of Ilenič, who brings a much more attacking style to the table than his Bronx-born counterpart. FotMob gave Tayvon a 6.0 for his substitute appearance

Andres Jasson (77’) – 6.9

Jason continues to get minutes this season after getting the start last week, and provided a moment of spark that almost resulted in a PK for the home side. While he ultimately didn’t get this close call, his ability to draw fouls is weirdly impressive, and can continue to provide the team with dangerous set-piece opportunities down the line. FotMob gave him an even 7.0 for his late cameo.

Alfredo Morales (82’) – 5.9

We haven’t seen much of Alfredo so far this season, as this eight-minute run was his first appearance in this young campaign. As a player who’s played a major role for this team in the past, it’ll be interesting to see how Cushing manages the American moving forward with the likes of Keaton parks and James Sands gunning for the same spot on the pitch. He did not feature in this match for long enough to receive a FotMob rating.

Head Coach

Nick Cushing – 6.4

He’ll be pleased with the first win of the young season, but it’s clear this NYCFC has room to grow in terms of quality and sharpness in the final third. The ongoing question will be regarding his use of Talles Magno at striker, where the key player has hardly looked a threat at all this season. It will be interesting to see if he shuffles things around up top next week vs DC United with the hopes of a more potent front line.

Player of the Match: Keaton Parks

A much-needed return to form from the Texas man is exactly what this midfield needed. If he and Sands can continue to look as in-control as they were against Miami, this could be one of the best pivots in the league.

Lukasz Szpala (Referee) – 6.5

We’ll recycle what we wrote last week: No major mistakes or gaffes from the ref will get you a shrug in this business.

Callum Williams (Apple TV Announcer) – 4.6

Despite being a consummate professional with years in the business, Williams simply didn’t resonate with our readers.

Calen Carr (Apple TV Announcer) – 3.6

Do you know what our readers like even less than a British play-by-play announcer who keeps it fair? A former MLS player who seems to favor one team (that is, the not-NYCFC team) over the other. Carr doesn't have many fans in New York City.

Glenn Crooks (NYCFC Radio Announcer) – 9.2

The “Home Team’s Local Radio” option on MLS Season Pass broadcasts might prove to be one of the highlights of this season for New York City fans. It allows you to swap out the Apple TV broadcasters for the NYCFC radio broadcast and the knowledgeable play-by-play announcer Glenn Crooks, who was easily the most popular figure this night.

Matt Lawrence (NYCFC Radio Announcer) – 9.0

Crooks’s partner in the booth is the British-born analyst Matt Lawrence, who brings the tough love to a broadcast. He isn’t afraid to criticize NYCFC performances that are lacking, and his comments about the team needing a No 9 who runs across the face of the goal to open up space for others – and to give the goalkeeper a hard time – were illuminating. Now if only Apple TV could add an “Away’s Team Local Radio” for when NYCFC is on the road.

UPDATE: FotMob seemingly adjusted their ratings after this post was originally posted. The FotMob ratings included here were changed to reflect the numbers published most recently.