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NYCFC vs DC United: Rate the Players

It’s time to rate New York City players, head coach Nick Cushing, referee Mark Allatin, the incomparable Glenn Crooks and Matt Lawrence, and Apple TV’s broadcast team of Callum Williams and Calen Carr on a surgically-precise 10-point scale

Group hug.
Photograph by Katie Cahalin, courtesy

Rate the Players is now a thing here at Hudson River Blue, and we’re asking you once again to grade the New York City FC squad that took the field in the closer-than-it-shuolda-been 3-2 win over DC United.

Note the new deadline: The form will close on Monday, March 20 at 6 am ET, and the results will be published at 7 am ET.

Using a mobile device? You might have trouble with this page, in which case here’s a direct link to the form that you should be able to access and submit.