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Alex Ring retires from international play

The Ringmaster calls it a career with Finland.

Midfielder Alex Ring | Courtesy Finland national football team

In a sharp departure from giving New York City FC the tongue lashing they deserve as a result of their laughable form for nearly two months now, we actually have some real news to report.

Alex Ring — NYCFC’s star defensive midfielder — has decided to call it quits when it comes to international play. The 27-year-old No. 6 announced on Instagram that he’d be stepping away from the Finland national team after seven years of being a fixture with the Eagle-owls, citing exhaustion from the constant travel in the last two years.

Being called up to a European-based international team can become quite mentally and physically taxing when you are based in another continent on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. This factor alone seemed significant enough to make Ring believe that relinquishing his spot with Finland would be best for him and his family.

For NYCFC fans, it’s a bitter-sweet pill on the surface. Obviously, Ring being with the Finns is good exposure for the club and it is always exciting to see how our Boys in Blue perform on those big international stages. However, I think most fans will express a relief that Ring’s presence on the club is pretty much guaranteed from here on in due to injury, especially given that debacle last month where City were without four key players due to international competition.

Plus, it could mean that Ring remains with NYCFC — or MLS — following this season. If his Transfermarkt page is anything to go by, the Ringmaster’s contract is expected to expire after the 2018 season and dusted.

Ring made 44 appearances for Finland since his first call-up in 2011, and also contributed two goals.