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Articles offering analysis of games, data, MLS, and related subjects.

Should NYCFC be satisfied with scoreless draw against Revs?

The Blues’ 0-0 deadlock with New England has been a source of controversy. But should supporters be dissatisfied with it?

Is Alex Ring still the right choice at left wing?

Despite getting goals, is NYCFC’s captain being played out of position becoming detrimental?

Here’s how New York City FC can advance in the MLS is Back Tournament

The Blues need a bit of help to keep their tournament hopes alive

Hudson River Blue Predicts: NYCFC vs. Toronto in the Eastern Conference Semifinal

The HRB team attempts to predict how things will transpire in NYCFC’s playoff match on Wednesday

Did NYCFC have a case for a late penalty against Toronto?

Castellanos and Mavinga’s clash at the death of NYCFC and Toronto’s 1-1 draw is maing headlines. Were City right to disagree with the ultimate decision?

Another Late Season Dip in Form has City in Dire Straits

For the second year in a row, and with a different manager, NYCFC’s attack is limping towards the playoffs.

Was Ofori’s “offence” worthy of a red card?

We take everything into account and evaluate Ebe’s sending off

Player Evaluations: Maxi Moralez

The Argentinian Designated Player has thrived as both a leader and a playmaker for NYCFC in his second season with the club.

Can Domènec Torrent Solve City’s Road Woes?

After two seasons of playing at a near elite level in road matches, City has recently struggled to find their form away from the Bronx. Can the new manager find the answer?

HRB Round Table: Derby Postmortem

After the latest installment of the Hudson River Derby, New York is red... and Hudson River Blue has a lot to say about it.

Ismael Tajouri-Shradi is the Attacker NYCFC has been Missing

Shradi Doddy; He likes to party. He just scores goals, he don’t bother nobody.

The Great Left Back Debate: Mata vs. Sweat

Vieira flipped the script by starting Sweat in the season opener. So, who will get the lion’s share of playing time at left back this season?

New York City FC and market inefficiency

While Atlanta United’s approach to roster building continues to be lauded, NYCFC and City Football Group are forging a different path. But which is the right one?

New York City FC and the Designated Player

City has had a "colorful" history when it comes to their Designated Player signings.

Who had the better rookie year: Jonathan Lewis or Jack Harrison?

Despite his limited minutes, Lewis outperformed Harrison’s rookie year on a per 90 basis.

New York City FC’s improving defense

Over NYCFC’s first three years in MLS, their defense has steadily turned into one of the league’s best.

Khiry Shelton’s up-and-down three years

Examining Khiry Shelton’s time with New York City FC. Should he stay or should he go?

Is Rodney Wallace still the answer?

Rodney Wallace was a key signing for NYCFC this season, but is it time to look elsewhere to rejuvenate the attack?

What’s Wrong with the Offense?

NYCFC have only managed no more than 1 goal in each of their last 8 matches. What has City’s attack sputtering towards the playoffs?

Did Vieira Concede the Supporters’ Shield? Or Is He a Genius?


The Future Is Now for Jonathan Lewis

After months on the bench, the NYCFC rookie makes his star turn

Does NYCFC have the best passing DPs in MLS?

Let’s run the numbers.

Does NYCFC have the best attacking duo in MLS?

Name a better pairing than Guaje and Jack. I’ll wait.

The Rise of Ben Sweat

How one man went from preseason trialist to Hudson River Derby hero

David Villa Might Play Forever

50 goals in, el Guaje shows no signs of slowing down.

Who has the best defensive DPs in MLS?

In New York City’s case, the numbers probably won’t surprise you.

Who has the best attacking DPs in MLS?

We asked the numbers. Here’s what they had to say.

The Pirlo Party Has Ended in the Bronx

How much longer can this scenario play out?

Jack Harrison Doesn’t Believe in Sophomore Slumps

NYC’s young star keeps getting better.

How Can the Boys in Blue Replace Mata?

Short Answer: They can’t. But there are alternatives NYCFC can utilize.

NYCFC Week 5 Player Ratings: Earthquake Survivors

Let’s see what had to say about the Blues’ win over San Jose.

NYCFC Player Ratings, Week 3: Limited Impact

What did had to say about our Boys in Blue on a cold day in the Bronx?


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