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Ben Sweat and Alex Callens just faced each other in international play!

The two NYCFC defenders lined up on opposite sides on Tuesday.

This three-week break from MLS play has been full of international news for New York City FC fans. Six players from the first team were called up to their respective nations, Joe Scally scored a game winner in the U-17’s 3-2 win over Brazil, and Alex Ring called it a career with Finland.

But possibly the most exciting of events just occurred last night. Ben Sweat, making his first-ever start for the United States, faced off against his NYCFC teammate Alex Callens who started for his native Peru.

How cool is that!? Two Boys in Blue representing their respective nations on the same pitch against each other. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s dope on Logic “Under Pressure” levels!

The USA-Peru showdown at Pratt & Whitney Stadium in Hartford, CT (remember that place?) ended in a 1-1 draw where both Sweat and Callens put in lengthy shifts. While neither of the two did anything particularly spectacular, both were solid defensively and rarely made mistakes.

For Callens, playing for Peru isn’t new as he has hit double digits when it comes to caps and even scored a goal for Los Incas back in 2014. For Sweat, however, this was only his second cap for the Stars-and-Stripes after receiving his first-ever call-up to the USMNT earlier this month, as well as his first cap off the bench.

Needless to say, this is a significant event in this team’s history, as it for both of these players personally. Here’s hoping we get to see it again soon.