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Brad Sims: New York City FC will be a big club

In this exclusive interview, the NYCFC CEO talks to us about Messi, winning, adding a women's team, where he stands on pigeons.

New York City FC CEO Brad Sims is a good conversationalist |

Hudson River Blue executive editor Oliver Strand and senior editor Andrew Leigh sat down with New York City FC president and CEO Brad Sims at the club’s 30th-floor headquarters in Midtown Manhattan. With a rain-soaked view of the Hudson River behind him, Sims told us why Lionel Messi is diving up ticket sales across the country, why he's eager to add a women's team, and why the pro/anti pigeon debate might be the most divisive issue at NYCFC.

Note: This interview was edited for length and clarity.

The Messi effect: All MLS boats rise

Hudson River Blue: A year ago when we spoke, the Apple TV deal was new and Messi was a fantasy. So, we’ve had a year of both. What has been the effect of Apple on the club? Also, has Messi had an effect on New York City?

Brad Sims: The answer is yes to both, and I think both are very positive. The Apple partnership I think has exceeded my expectations in Year One. They had to get up and going very fast, build a studio, hire talent, and hadn’t done anything even remotely to this scale previously.

To me, this is the advantage of having an Apple link–for customers, the product, having an intuitive product for fans, something that’s fan-friendly, visually and aesthetically pleasing, is what Apple’s all about, and to me, is a massive upgrade. No disrespect to previous broadcast partners, but the actual product itself is fantastic. 

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