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Footy Digest

A roundup of the headlines, stories, and games you should follow this week.

Footy Digest: Why Charlotte sacked Miguel Angel Ramirez

Gabriel Solnina to Madrid, Kristie Mewis has Pride, Christian Pulisic gets it wrong

Footy Digest: Mbappe reste à Paris

Olympique Lyonnais Féminin are champions, young Designated Players in MLS aren’t that good

Footy Digest: Luton Town’s Cinderella story has all the good feels

Plus: Chile just might qualify for the World Cup, every MLS player sorted by manager, Alex Morgan is a beast

Footy Digest: Carlo Ancelotti linked to Canada

Plus: Kevin Durant is into Gotham FC, Montréal ditch a badge nobody ever liked, Seattle win a cup

Footy Digest: Serie A Femminile to go pro

Plus: How Madrid create chaos, Paris walks out on PSG, Houston has a problem, Seattle get MLS’s first favorable call in Champions League History

Footy Digest: Erik ten Hag to take over Manchester United

What could go wrong? Plus: Two MLS coaches exit stage right, US Open Cup upsets, a Europa Conference League primer

Footy Digest: Burnley sack Sean Dyche

Plus: Who in their right mind would coach Manchester United? I mean, buy Chelsea FC?

Footy Digest: Here’s how Manchester City plan to beat Liverpool

Keaton Parks is the best midfielder in the world, New England has a new goalie, they're dropping like flies in Atlanta, plus more soccer news you can use from around the world

Footy Digest: Why aren’t USMNT fans celebrating?

Charlotte FC kinda definitely lied to Poland, Gotham FC keeper Ashlyn Harris can tweet, Canada are the new hipster team, plus more soccer news you can use from around the world

Footy Digest: Tammy Abraham getting it done in Serie A

A backup keeper plays striker, Stella McCartney + adidas for Arsenal, George Bello’s time to shine, and more soccer news you can use from around the world

Footy Digest Weekly: Barcelona sell Camp Nou naming rights to Spotify

Charlotte FC scores a goal, Julian Nagelsmann is grumpy, Manchester United is a mess, plus more soccer news from around the world

Footy Digest Weekly: Chelsea lose shirt sponsor, barred from selling tickets and merchandise

Messi ready to bounce, how not to take a kick-off, Austin best in MLS, and much more

Footy Digest Weekly: An American in Leeds

Matt Turner injury might keep him out of USMNT, Roman Abramovich puts Chelsea up for sale, Queensboro FC to launch women’s team, and more