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Hannes Wolf: It's fun to create chances

In this exclusive interview, the 24-year-old tells us why he signed with New York City, why he's comfortable as a No 10, and why he likes to be aggressive with the ball.

Hannes Wolf: "And then we will score" | Courtesy New York City FC

Hudson River Blue spoke with New York City FC attacker Hannes Wolf at the club’s training facility in Rockland County, NY. A native of Graz, Austria, the 24-year-old told us that he prefers to play as a No 10, but that depth at that position at 'Gladbach moved him to the wings. Read on to learn more.

Note: This interview was edited for length and clarity.

Hudson River Blue: You were one of the big off-season signings for NYCFC, and everybody was excited to watch you play. But I don’t think anybody expected you to be a starter from Day 1. Did you expect to make such an immediate impact on the team?

Hannes Wolf: To be honest, yes. Because I know my qualities, and I watched the team and I know maybe that the team needs that kind of player. Because of this, I made my decision to come here, to leave Europe. After my time in Germany, I wanted to be sure that I will come to a team where I get my chances, you know? And not to come as a bench player and need to see everything from the bench.

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