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Héber to host Reddit AMA on Wednesday

It’s time we got to know NYCFC’s newest addition a bit better!

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Reddit AMA’s are always a fun experience. For those of you who have been living under a rock and don’t know what these actually are, I’ll explain the concept as quickly and as simply as I can.

An AMA (short for “Ask Me Anything”) is when someone of importance — usually a celebrity or someone with expertise of a certain subject — field questions from fans or curious people and answer them themselves without a media buffer or anything like that. These have been done by a litany of fascinating people in the past and have covered a multitude of subjects. Just to give you some perspective into these things and how vast the topics can be, these have been done by everyone from celebrity chef Gordon RamsayMarvel Studios president Kevin Feige, to even a decoy from the show To Catch a Predator (c’mon, we all get giddy watching cops bust a bad guy from time to time). Yeah, these things are that popular.

And next Wednesday (May 29), fans of New York City FC will have an AMA I doubt they’ll want to miss. The subject? None other than our new favorite striker, Héber!

The AMA — which can be found here — has begun allowing questions to be submitted. Unfortunately, questions about stadium updates aren’t allowed. Dammit.