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MLS refs do NYCFC wrong, again

Facts: New York City are victims of blown calls more than any other team in MLS

Maybe Armando Villarreal should try listening next time? | Courtesy MLS

Stop me if you heard this one before: After reviewing the tape of a New York City FC’s match, the MLS Disciplinary Committee found that the referees blew a call on game day call and have taken retroactive action against the team’s opponents. This time, the committee handed a one-game suspension and undisclosed fine to Evander, Portland’s star playmaker, for “violent conduct” in stoppage time that the MLS refs didn’t catch.

Basically, it’s a red card after the fact. But justice delayed is justice denied: Evander was allowed to play for the final tense minutes of a game that NYCFC had a chance of winning.

MLS Refs: Blown cards x 4

But that’s not the first time this season that NYCFC have been done wrong by officiating. This is the fourth example this season of a significant on-field ruling that was later corrected.

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