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Nani FC to face La Bombonera in $1 million TST final

North Carolina and US Women will play for $1 million in the women's final. Both will be held on Monday, June 10.

Hey look it's Nani | Courtesy

Nani FC are going to play for $1 million tomorrow.

The squad built around the 37-year-old former Manchester United and Portuguese national team did just enough to beat semi-professional side Newtown United, the 2023 champion of The Soccer Tournament.

Newtown led 1-0 after in regulation time, but Nani FC evened the score and then found the winning goal in the 25th minute of Target Soccer Time, when both sides were reduced to just two players. The game-winner was scored by none other than Nani himself.

It ends an impressive run for Newtown, who limited their opponents to just seven goals in seven games. They even denied Nani a penalty tonight in Target Score Time.

But the final goal scored by Nani FC was one too many for Newtown, and the Connecticut Soccer League side will return home empty-handed this year.

Nani FC will face La Bombonera, who defeated an upstart Hoosier Army 3-1.

La Bombonera have been one of the most consistent sides this tournament, with 15 goals scored in the group stage and another 17 goals in the subsequent four knockout matches.

La Bombonera are built to compete in a 7-v-7 competition like TST. The team include a number of players from Chihuahua Savage, the winner of the 2023 Major Arena Soccer League.

Nani FC will face La Bombonera tomorrow, June 10, at 8:30 pm ET. The game will be broadcast on ESPN+ and ESPNU.

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TST is pure, uncut soccer: No offsides, rolling subs, 20-minute halves. The Soccer Tournament packs 118 games into 6 days, awards $2 million in cash prizes.

North Carolina Courage vs US Women

In the women's division, tomorrow will be a battle of the heavyweights as North Carolina Courage FC and US Women will play at 7 pm ET. That game will also be broadcast on ESPN+ and ESPNU.

North Carolina entered the game as one of the tournament favorites. The TST side are a part of the same organization that won the NWSL Championship club (twice), NWSL Shield (three times), and NWSL Challenge Cup (twice), and they put together a roster that is a mix of experienced veterans and younger players who can run nonstop in the summer sun.

North Carolina dominated Streetball Canada FC in the semifinals, and scored in just the fourth minute of Target Stoppage Time.

They will face a US Women who are hitting their stride when it counts most. Earlier today they dominated Tampa Bay Sun FC 4-0 behind a Kenny Kessler hat trick.

US Women also entered this competition as one of the tournament favorites. They overcame early struggles to dominate their opponents as they through the bracket. US Women now have four players with four goals: Lindsey Harris, Allie Long, Heather O'Reilly, and Cat Whitehill.