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New York City FC unveil 2020 away kit

The Blues reveal all new “Gotham Kit” for the upcoming season.

Nathan Congleton | Courtesy

Earlier this week, New York City FC’s newest away kit was leaked to the world. At first, I must admit that was kind of on the fence about them. But as I’ve gotten to digest it for a bit, I can certainly say that the newest kit has grown on me.

Yesterday, amid more (de)pressing matters, NYCFC officially unveiled their new “Gotham Kit” for 2020.

Primarily navy blue with lighter accents, the kit features triangular patterns on the front of the kit which allude to the architecture of the Brooklyn Bridge. The back of the kit —above where the nameplate will be — features the NYC monogram flanked by five stripes on either side, representing the Five Boroughs of New York City. The five stripes to left of the “NYC” are blue, while those on the right are orange.

Here’s a nice look at what the full kit will look like, complete with navy blue shorts and socks with white stripes.

Very nice indeed.

If there is one major qualm I have with the Gotham Kit, it’s that there isn’t a traditional jock tag on the shirt — just some vertical text that I can’t make out from the pictures. Regardless, I find it to be a good look and will probably be buying the shirt eventually.

Ranked against NYCFC kits of the past, it’s hard for any new threads to match up against the inaugural black away kit which is still considered to be a fan favorite. Hell, I love the controversial “Hypnokits” from 2016! But these aren’t bad by any stretch of the imagination.

Another thing — how in the hell do NYCFC do these photo shoots in the middle of the city without a fan just walking by? Bold, I tell ya.

Do you like NYCFC’s newest kit? Let us know in the comments!