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2023 Player Preview: Cody Mizell

NYCFC’s third goalkeeper brings the vibes

Just look at those baby blues.
Photograph by Katie Cahalin, courtesy

Cody Mizell

Position: Goalkeeper
Age: 31
2022 MLS Season: 0 appearances
2022 USL Championship Season for New Mexico United: 2 appearances, 2 starts, 6 shots on target, 5 saves
Key Stat: 0 appearances ever in MLS

What went right in 2022:

What can you say about the performance of New York City FC’s third goalkeeper? With team captain Sean Johnson having a career year (34 starts, 3060 minutes, 14 clean sheets), and heir-apparent Luis Barraza stepping in for intra-season tournaments (4 starts, 3 wins, 2 clean sheets), there simply wasn't any need for Cody Mizell to velcro on his gloves and get between the sticks.

All that said, Mizell made two starts for New Mexico United in the USL Championship, and the thoroughly mediocre team lost both games 0-1. Mizell faced six shots on target and made five saves (you do the math). He also allowed one penalty kick to be converted. It’s hard to glean much from those two games.

More germane, the 31-year-old nevertheless played an important role at NYCFC last year. The third goalkeeper is a vibes man, somebody who is at every training session to parry warmup shots from the Senior Team attackers, and who keeps fit and focused just in case he’s called on to suit up. Even if Mizell never saw a minute of play in 2022, the easygoing keeper contributed to the chemistry of a team that was one win away from competing in the MLS Cup Final.

What to improve:

Mizell looks to be comfortable as NYCFC’s third goalkeeper. The club signed Matt Freese from Philadelphia Union, and it looks like the 24-year-old could challenge Barraza for a spot in the Starting XI — presumably, Mizell could have competed for the number-two spot, but it looks like he’s staying put on the depth chart. Given all of that, there’s not much to improve.

Keep on keeping on, Cody.

What to expect in 2023:

It’s highly unlikely that Mizell will see minutes with the Senior Team, although you never know what injuries can do to a squad. NYCFC fans became accustomed to Johnson’s fitness and focus – he was a sure thing for pretty much every MLS league game – and we’ll see if Barraza and Freese are as consistent.

Things are different with Mizell’s wife Lisa, who is literally expecting twins. A big mazel to the Mizells.

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