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NYCFC (finally) reveal 2019 home kit

City have revealed their home colors for the next two seasons.

The new home kit!

It’s finally here! Well, “finally” might not be the best word seeing as this kit leaked quite some time ago. Still, at least it’s official now.

Earlier today, New York City FC announced their 2019-20 home kit.

Having had some time to take it in and compare the official version released by the club to the kit that leaked last month; you know what, I don’t mind it.

Many of my initial concerns — nothing going on with the sleeves or collar — have been addressed. And while I still believe whomever designed it could have put a bit more thought into the new design, it’s completely fine in my eyes.

The most notable features of the new kit include a two-tone, offset racing stripe on the front, the New York City flag right above the nameplate on the back, and a pigeon jock tag. YES, A PIGEON JOCK TAG!

While I’m not completely in love with the kit, I’m hoping it will eventually grow on me much the infamous “hypno” away kit that the club used from 2016 to 2017. And odds are I’m probably gonna buy it anyway, so who cares?