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NYCFC vs Philadelphia Player Ratings

NYCFC defender Maxime Chanot
Maxime Chanot is solid | Courtesy

New York City FC player ratings are determined by Hudson River Blue readers — here are your NYCFC player ratings after NYCFC held their own against the Philadelphia Union act Subaru Park, until they didn’t, and ended the night with a 2-1 loss.

Starting XI

Santiago Rodríguez – 5.7

We saw his quality in moments on Saturday, but Santiago Rodríguez is still lacking the consistency and confidence we saw from him as a loanee. Perhaps this is best summarized by having only one shot taken all night despite being heavily involved in most dangerous attacks. 

Santi, if you’re reading this: Have a hit, lad! Take some risks, play with freedom! Take over games! You have more than enough quality to do so. FotMob gave the Uruguayan a 6.2.

Richy Ledezma (off 57′) – 4.9

I thought Richy Ledezma looked pretty good in possession in the first half, rotating fluidly between the others the front three in Santi and Matí. But the American didn’t create the necessary impact and was subbed out. FotMob handed out a 6.0 for the effort.

Matías Pellegrini (off 83′) – 4.0

A harsh review from HRB readers, but I kinda get it. Even when Richy, Santi, and Talles Magno aren’t scoring, they’re usually heavily involved in the build-up in ways that Matías Pellegrini isn’t.

His defensive work is admirable, but when NYCFC significantly out-possess their opponents (like they usually do), and when Philly go Route 1 for most of the match, maybe there isn’t so much “defending from the front” for Pellegrini to actually do? FotMob presented the Argentinian with a 6.7.

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Keaton Parks – 5.5

I thought the overall performance of Keaton Parks was fine, but whatever the hell happened on that ball off the post in the 84th minute really bothered me.

First of all, I think he might’ve actually been onside (line would’ve been drawn from Andre Blake as the second-to-last defender in this case), meaning he could’ve just turned and tapped that home on its way in or after it doinked off the post. But even if he wasn’t onside, it was his demeanor at that moment that rubbed me the wrong way. This team is DESPERATE for goals and it just looked like he gave up on that play entirely. FotMob gave a 6.7 for Parks’ performance.

Alfredo Morales (off 57′) – 5.1

It was another decent performance for Alfredo Morales, whose games deputizing for James Sands could be coming to an end with Jimmy’s return to action last night in the 57th minute.

With that said, I think Alfredo showed well in this last month while Sands was on Gold Cup duty with the USMNT. Sands certainly brings more to that position, but Alfredo showed us he’s still more than capable in the midfield role he once occupied in our 2021 MLS Cup run. FotMonb gave the American a 6.3 for his efforts.

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Maxime Chanot – 7.3

He single-handedly kept us in the match at times in the first half, stopping attack after attack and dealing well with long balls pumped over the top and into dangerous channels.

Even at 33, he has just enough in his legs to match his defensive wit, as he chased down and neutralized Philly’s much younger and more athletic attackers in multiple one-v-one scenarios. FotMob didn’t see it the same way, and gave the captain an underwhelming 6.8.

Justin Haak (off 57′) – 5.2

I thought Justin Haak looked solid again on Saturday despite the loss, albeit with a few minor hiccups every now and again. 

I still think he has all the tools to be a very good center-back if that’s where he wants to play, but maybe it’ll take more time for the position to truly feel like home? Playing on the left side as a right-footed player can’t help that either.

FotMob gave the New York native a 6.9.

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Tayvon Gray – 3.9

It was a difficult day for the Homegrown defender, who was heavily involved in both Philly goals on Saturday.

The first came on a lofted cross to the back post, where he never looked likely to reach the ball over his head or block the shot that came as a result.

The second came on a classic “I got it/you got it” with goalkeeper Luis Barraza, where Tayvon beat the attacker and goalkeeper to the ball, but opted to leave it for Barraza to handle. In the end, neither NYCFC player intervened, and Chris Donavan was gifted his first MLS goal.

For me, even if Luis called him off, you HAVE to shield the attacker away from your goalkeeper in that situation. There’s no way Donavan should have been able to get through there. Period. FotMob didn’t see any issues, however, giving him a 6.9 on the evening.

Mitja Ilenič (off 71′) – 5.2

There wasn’t nearly as much room for the wing-backs to operate down the flanks on Saturday as there has been in recent matches, and Mitja’s ability to influence the game was severely inhibited. 

When you play this 3-4-3 and the wingbacks aren’t creating chances, you’re really just leaving yourself exposed for counters, much like the one that resulted in Philly’s first goal. Santi turned the ball over, Mitja was caught high, and Tayvon was left to mark two men on the weak side as Ilenič haplessly ran 100 yards back to his own goal. FotMob quite enjoyed the young Slovenian’s performance however, and gave him a 7.3 on the match.

Kevin O’Toole (off 86′) – 4.0

Much like Mitja, Kevin O’Toole wasn’t as involved in build-up or progression as I thought he’d be coming into the match. He’s at his best when he can find space on the dribble, and run at opposing fullbacks in 1v1 scenarios. Unfortunately, I’m struggling to think of any times that situation unfolded on Saturday. FotMob was loving him, however, and gave the American a 7.3, the highest of any starter for NYCFC.

Luis Barraza – 2.9

Ouch, a 2.9? Look, Luis Barraza certainly shares a lot of responsibility for the second goal, and I’m sure he’d be the first to admit that. When you come off your line as a goalkeeper, you have to come away with the ball. That’s the rule. He should’ve been stronger in the challenge, and you can probably question the timing and route he took to close down the situation.

But, this is still as much on Tayvon as it is on Barraza in my opinion. Gray had every opportunity to knock that out for a corner if Luis didn’t call him off, and could’ve shielded the ball for his goalkeeper if Luis did call him off. You can’t just disengage and do neither. FotMob gave the goalkeeper a 5.7 overall.

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James Sands (on 57′) – 6.0

I can’t believe Sands even featured in this match after playing 120 minutes on Wednesday, and putting in the miles he did through five starts with the USMNT. 

Jimmy’s just a warrior like that. He did us very proud with the national team, and we’re thrilled to have him back as we move into the Leagues Cup. FotMob gave Sands a 6.1 for his 33 minutes of action.

Thiago Martins (on 57′) – 5.7

Thiago Martins is back! It’s tough to get excited about anything after a performance like the one on Saturday, but the return of our Designated Player center-back is great news for NYCFC fans. FotMob gave a 6.5 for the Brazilian’s 30+ minutes of action. I’m interested to see if he’ll be able to go a full 90 come next week.

Andres Jasson (on 57′) – 6.9

Another week, another Homegrown goal for NYCFC! It was a huge moment in the young career of Andres Jasson, who looked dangerous all night before scoring his first goal for the first team on Saturday.

The moment feels overshadowed by the disappointment of the result, but hopefully Andres enjoyed that one — he earned it. FotMob gave a 7.6, the highest score of any New York City player on the evening.

Gabriel Segal (on 71′) – 5.3

Gabriel Segal came on in the 71st minute, meaning he had about 20 minutes to prove to the gaffer that he should see the field before the arrival of the new center forward signing, Mounsef Bakrar. Unfortunately for Segal, it wasn’t his most impressive performance. FotMob gave a 6.3 for his involvement. 

Gabriel Pereira (on 83′) – 7.5

Talk about instant impact.

We looked better the second Gabrial Pereira stepped on the field —which calls into question why we waited so long to involve him in the first place. Yes, he’s coming back from injury, but the fact that he played 87 minutes last week tells me he was capable of going more than 10 this week. Right?

It’s a crime he won’t be credited with an assist for what he did, but Gabi’s work to set up Jasson’s goal was nothing short of filthy. It was one of the best turns you’ll see all season, and he put that thing on a plate for Andres to attack. He didn’t log enough minutes to receive a FotMob rating, but that didn’t stop HRB readers from giving him a 7.5, the highest score on the night.

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Player of the Match

Maxime Chanot

Maxime continued his red-hot form since returning from international break at the end of June, and looks to finally be re-acquainted with Thiago Martins going forward as his center-back partner finally returns from injury.

But, will Cushing go back to the four-back system now that he has his two first-choice center-backs are available? Or does his stick with the three-back and continue to lean on Tayvon Gray and/or Justin Haak as the third center-back?

Head Coach

Nick Cushing – 3.1

Patience is, again, wearing thin with these fans. After a soul-crushing 94th-minute collapse last week, and just an absolutely flat performance this week, vibes are not high these days. If there was ever a good time for a month-long break from MLS play, it’d probably be right now for Nick Cushing and his men.

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Alex Chilowicz (referee) – 5.7

Now that I think about it, I don’t remember being particularly annoyed with any calls, so good on you, Alex Chilowicz. If I’m not thinking about the referee, I’m happy with the referee. You know?

Broadcast Team

Jake Zivin and Taylor Twellman (Apple TV) – 5.1

When Taylor Twellman is in the broadcast booth, you can tell the suits at Apple TV think it’s a marquee matchup. Twellman might still get all hot under the collar for the New England Revolution, but when he’s on air he plays it straight and gives praise when it’s earned, criticizes when it’s deserved. We’re so accustomed to the biases of some in the Apple TV crew that it was strange to hear the voices on the TV give insightful analysis, get the names of the players right.

This 5.1 rating is a compliment by the standards of HRB readers: Thank you, gentlemen.

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