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NYCFC Player Salary Report Card: Who makes what, and are they worth it?

We decide which New York City FC salaries are the biggest bargains — and which cost the club too much.

You're looking at $7.7 million in guaranteed compensation |

Last week, the Major League Soccer Player Association released MLS player salaries for 2023. Hudson River Blue tabulated New York City FC’s payroll and observed “7 takeaways,” but I want to be a little more direct and grade each NYCFC player salary for those who regularly make it into the Starting XI. 

There are some major bargains in this payroll, and there are some head-scratchers as well. Read on to see who makes what, and if they’re worth what they’re paid.

2023 NYCFC player salaries revealed
2022 NYCFC player salaries, fall update

Thiago Martins, $2.11 million

The Brazilian defender isn’t just NYCFC’s highest-paid player, but is actually the most handsomely paid center-back in all of Major League Soccer. That price tag is always going to come with high expeditions.

In fairness to Thiago Martins, on his day he can be a truly dominant defender. We saw that down the stretch last season, and in sporadic matches this season despite the team’s poor form. But for the money we’re paying him, we consistently need Alex Callens-esque production. Especially given we waved goodbye to the Peruvian (at least in part) due to Thiago Martin’s high salary in the same position.

In short, Thiago Martins is a good player, but maybe not consistently great enough to justify the cost.

Grade: B-

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