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NYCFC should be patient with Jason Kreis

But it's hard to resist shaking things up if he gets off to a rough start.

NYCFC's new head coach Jason Kreis | Courtesy Real Salt Lake

Fox Soccer’s Kyle McCarthy lays it out: 

Past failures and missteps offer context for the gargantuan task ahead of New York City FC. Building a club from scratch in Major League Soccer requires a deft hand and a measured vision for the future. The absence or prevalence of those tenets determines whether opportunity transforms into wreckage over the course of a few years.

Just because the team has the powerhouse backing of two sporting titans doesn’t mean that success is fore-ordained. If anything, it makes things harder. The club is going to find it tremendously difficult to resist shaking things up if Kreis gets off to a rough start. 

That said, unlike other clubs in the Premier League, City haven’t shown themselves as especially prone to making rash changes in the managerial chair. Given that, I would expect them to be more patient, rather than less.

NYCFC must heed lessons from past